Rob Pope signs a copy of his book ‘Becoming Forrest’ (1)

One of Britain’s best-known ultra-athletes was in Nantwich to promote his book – ‘Becoming Forrest’ – at a sold-out event, writes Jonathan White.

Rob Pope was introduced by Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge co-owner Steve Lawson.

The 44-year-old from Liverpool has competed in long-distance races around the world, including the legendary Marathon des Sables, as well as becoming the host of the Red Bull podcast ‘How to be Superhuman’.

He runs to raise funds and awareness for WWF and Peace Direct and holds a Guinness World Record for fastest marathon dressed as a film character.

Rob read extracts from his book and answered numerous questions from the audience.

He left his job as a veterinarian in pursuit of a dream – to become the first person ever to complete the epic run undertaken by one of Hollywood’s most beloved characters, Forrest Gump.

After his mum urged him to “Do one thing in your life that makes a difference”, he flew to Alabama, put on his running shoes, and sped off into the wilderness.

Over a gruelling 18 months, braving injuries, blizzards, forest fires and deadly wildlife, he crossed the United States five times – the distance from the North to the South Pole and a third of the way back.

The ticket price included a signed copy of Rob’s book and an extensive range of snacks.

Steve Lawson, Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge, said: “It was a fantastic event to start our new year with.

“It was such a pleasure listening to Rob about his superhuman feat, in such an interesting and anecdotal way.”

Rob said: “I was running out of Atlanta, and I ran past a guitar shop that had closed its doors for the final time.

“There was a sign on the door saying ‘For every $100 dollars that you spend in a local shop, $48 of that stays in the local community through wages and taxes.

“If you buy it from a chain its $14 if you buy it online its zero dollars.’ So, shop local and keep your communities alive.

“That’s why I love places like this because, not only are they are vital part of the community, but the most important thing you can do at people is keep in touch and be face-to-face.

“The world would be a better place if we talked more face-to-face. So, shop local, talk local and keep smiling.”

Rob Pope talks to the audience about his book ‘Becoming Forrest’ (1)

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