Crewe regeneration - royal arcade

Dear Editor,
In 2018 Crewe residents were promised a £48m Royal Arcade masterplan, a new cinema, gym, restaurants, shops, a 450 space multi storey car park and a new bus station, off Victoria Street and Queensway, by Christmas 2020.

We are now in 2022 and what have we got?

A demolition site in the centre of the town.

Yet more broken promises from the Labour run Cheshire East Council.

In 2018, funding of £25m was promised from Cheshire East and the Local Enterprise Partnership.

We are now in 2022 and not one brick has been laid on another.

Instead we have a boarded up bomb site in the centre of the town.

And it gets worse.

We are told that work will begin at long last this month (don’t hold your breath!)

They will start by building the new bus station and the multi-storey car park, but they will not be completed until the end of 2023.

Only then will the building of the shops begin……….and they won’t be finished until 2025/2026.

To build a 450 space multi storey car park BEFORE any new shops are built is total, utter madness.

The good people of Crewe are fed up to the back teeth of the broken promises and how the town has been allowed to be in a cycle of steep decline for many years.

It started when the Tories ran Cheshire East and nothing has changed now Labour run it.

The Labour MP, up to 2019, and the Tory MP since then, have done little to stop the sad deterioration of the town.

‘Putting Crewe First’ is calling for the building of the new bus station to be greatly speeded up and the rest of the site to be turned into a ground level car park and a park/sitting area.

The whole plan for the town centre needs to be reconsidered because it has been clear for a long time now that what is proposed is simply not going to happen.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr. Brian Silvester
Putting Crewe First


  1. Cynical Syd says:

    Strange how the letter has now been amended read “demolition site”. Has the reader amended his letter or was it editorial privilege!

  2. Cynical Syd says:

    What an insensitive comment from Councillor Silvester, based on what is going on in Ukraine and those poor families who have lost everything, you cannot describe the centre of Crewe as a “bomb site”. Ill choice of words from a self-elected Councillor.

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