level crossing junction, London Road

Police are warning drivers in Nantwich over the dangers of railway crossings after tweeting this picture.

Roadworks on London Road near Hospital Street are causing traffic to back up all the way to the level crossing.

And police fear some are risking their lives by trying to get through the crossing and then having to stop in the box junction where trains pass.

Cheshire Police tweeted this image, and said: “Box junctions are there for a reason. Especially on level crossings.

“The consequences of ignoring them can be fatal.”

With three busy level crossings in the town on London Road, Wellington Road and Shrewbridge Road.

One resident who re-tweeted, added: “A train driver could do nothing – accident waiting to happen!”

Essential advice from Network Rail to drivers is to always check the exit of a crossing is clear before starting to drive through it.

The roadworks on London Road, are also causing dangers of another sort as drivers try to negotiate parked lorries and diggers.

This pictures shows how drivers emerging from Jackson Avenue cannot see in either direction as line of sight is obstructed.

Bexx Potter, who sent these pictures in, said: “I was in the car with someone who was turning out of Jackson Avenue to turn left towards Stapeley.

“We had a minor bump with another car that came up London Road also heading toward Stapeley.

“The person driving the carI was in claimed they could not see very well because of the digger and lorry.

“They edged out onto London Road and was sure nothing was coming but a car appeared from nowhere and we bumped it.

“I presume this car we bumped couldn’t see us turning due to the digger and lorry.

“These lorries are incredibly dangerous. Care should be taken when they are in public areas. They are incredibly dangerous in any case, let alone in public areas, like footpaths, pavements, and junctions.”

We have contacted Scottish Power and Cheshire East Council, and are awaiting a reply.

Cheshire East Council was forced to apologise at the weekend after roadworks on Millstone Lane caused traffic chaos for thousands visiting Nantwich for Holly Holy Day.

Lorry blocking Jackson Avenue, Nantwich

roadworks on London Road (pic by Bexx Potter)

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  1. There are lots of drivers who think they own the road and have no idea at all of how to handle hazardous situations. They’re a bunch of wallies!

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