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A Nantwich pub has received a damning environmental health report into its food hygiene practices.

The Cronkinson’s Farm pub in Stapeley received just a ‘1’ rating out of 5 in the latest inspection in October – the second lowest score.

The full report details a series of contraventions around handling food, cleanliness, ventilation and food preparation.

Inspectors looked at the kitchen, bar, cellar, toilets and storage areas of the family pub on the corner of Pear Tree Field and Peter De Stapleigh Way.

The report states food hygiene awareness among staff was “inadequate” in areas such as temperature control, cross contamination and sanitization.

Food handlers were not washing hands after handling raw meat, the report states, and that wash handbasins were “not in regular use”.

A food probe in use was not sanitized, refuse containers were over-flowing, and inspectors said they were told food had been left out “for 10 hours” to cool after being cooked.

Food was also seen to be thawing in room temperature rather than in a fridge. The report said this practice “encourages the growth of food poisoning bacteria, food should be kept cool during defrosting”.

It described the premises as “dirty and greasy”, including pools of oil and food debris by cooking equipment, as well as dirty equipment, work surfaces, fridge/freezer floors, shelves and hand-basins.

The report adds that filters were missing from ventilation equipment, and the kitchen floor was described as “in poor repair” in areas.

In total, the report highlights 12 contraventions of the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations (2013).

We have contacted Marston’s Inns, owners of The Cronkinson’s Farm, for their reaction to the report and are still awaiting a reply.


  1. Luke Hardman says:

    Had a piece of glass found in my fish one day when I went to the pub, asked for the manager and I’ll a got is a free desert and them explaining they don’t know how it got there.

  2. All was lost when I noticed a sign “chefs wanted, no experience necessary” outside.
    I am a trained chef myself, however I went to college for three years to learn those skills.
    It’s now clear that to be clueless is dangerous, what about customers with food allergies?, very scary.

  3. When I eventually get back to work I have been in the catering industry for 37 years I intend to stamp out these unhygienic practices cas it’s disgusting and very undertrained chefs plz watch for my’s disgusting!

  4. Alison maynard says:

    I thought it odd as from outside you could clearly smell old oil in the air from the fryers.

    It’s a shame as it would do good business if they served the right food, the menu is very dated and not everyone wants things fried.

    Total rethink is needed as if they were good they could open a collection take out service for roast dinners.

    I haven’t been for years as there are too many children running around and you cannot relax

  5. All kitchen staff need sacking or retraining this is disgusting practice!!

  6. Poor hygiene and re-cooking my stake & chips in microwave bucuase it was not cooked properly was the reason I complaint then I stop using the pub. Reprehensible
    I must add that the waitereses were always polite and attentive but the chefs were incapable and the proprietor was short fused and was unable to even discuss my complaint in a calm manner, as his assistant manager was present she stepped in and apologised for his conduct and rude behaviour then told us that we did not have to pay and offers us free meal next time but never went again.

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