human bone in cottage - hoax

Police say the discovery of human remains at a cottage near Nantwich is being treated as a ‘hoax’.

Members of a paranormal group contacted police in the middle of the night after claiming to have found a human bone behind a wall of the derelict cottage in Newhall, off the A530.

A video circulating on social media shows the team carrying out their paranormal investigation in the abandoned building and ‘discovering’ the bone.

They then called Cheshire Police who sent officers to the scene at around 2am on Tuesday (December 18).

But today Cheshire Police confirmed it was being treated as a ‘hoax’ discovery and that those involved would be issued with a verbal warning.

They are also investigating where the human bone is originally from.

A police spokeswoman said: “We were called to an unoccupied house in Whitchurch Road in Newhall, near Nantwich shortly after midnight on 18 December.

“A bone had been discovered at the address which initial analysis showed it was possibly human.

“Police discovered that the bone had been placed there as a hoax and are establishing where the bone originally came from.

“The people who placed it there – three men aged 29, 31 and 19, and a 19-year-old woman, all from Lancashire – will be given strong words of advice.”

The paranormal team initially contacted Nantwich News to highlight their find.

However, our request for a comment since police confirmed it is a hoax has gone unanswered.


  1. Roady Watcher says:

    *sighs* …SO many gullible ppl here…or may be just kids still too young to accept that their Idols could ever do anything fake..surely they wouldn’t DO that,they’re simply too hot or whatever…*yawn*…imo,pure FAKERY.

  2. Sid Nishious says:

    It was the most obvious plant I’ve ever seen. Stupid people will believe anything.

  3. If you really did an explore with dan, where is your video proof?

  4. Everyone is leaping on the idea that if it is fake, then they faked it. There is still the possibility that someone else figured out where they were and crammed a bone up in the wall. Not saying that this is what happened, I wasn’t there, I have no idea. Just saying that there is still a possibility that even in if was planted there, it might not have been the people there that planted it.

    Maybe next time, they should get a snake cam into the wall first, see what they can see.

  5. Let’s clear this up. This bone was found on an explore when me and Dan explored an old mansion. The bone is from an old medical skeleton which used……yes…….real human bones. The femur was taken and Dan has had it ever since. Andrew and Dan when getting these alleged spirit boxes got the idea to plant the bone for views and subscribers because that’s what they are in it for. Dan and Andrew faked this. Believe what you want, I have the evidence. And by the way, Dan had a video on his Facebook a while back with this EXACT same bone in it. To avoid exposing himself when these videos came out, he deleted the Facebook video to avoid detection. You’re welcome.

    • I can’t see Dan ruining his career with a hoax he has come far this last year

    • You were there when they planted it? If you knew they did it and not tell people it was fakes then you’re just as guilty. That paranormal team has set what real investigators are trying to do ugh

      • I am in no way defending this “K” person, nor am I defending Andrew/Dan. I am not taking sides & remaining neutral at this time. (No matter the outcome, I will stay that way. I *HATE* drama.

        However… I do simply have to correct your statement regarding “K.” You said that he was just as guilty, if he was ‘there’ when a ‘bone’ was “planted.” However, if you re-read the comment made by the “K” person, you will note that he/she alleged that they were there when the bone was ‘originally found’; supposedly on a different explore inside a mansion; not when it was used later and/or “planted” in the abandoned cottage wall.

        Just wanted to clear that little piece up.

        Have a wonderful night. 🙂

  6. Natalia Hamish says:

    Has anyone bothered to question why there is only 1 bone?
    Last time I recall the term ‘body’ in the wall would certainly indicate there to be a whole skeleton.. Why 1?? I call BS!! That original hole they made before the camera rolled was certainly wide enough to shove a single bone inside the cavity. That Proving Demons is making a mockery out of all his viewers WAKE UP U.K!!!

  7. The Human bone possibly came from a grave yard then it was planted in the wall to deceive us.

  8. Whether this discovery really was a hoax remains to be seen. The police are of the ‘opinion’ that it is a hoax. But no evidence has been provided as to where the bone came from or whether or not it was stolen (which would prove it was planted). – If they can EMPIRICALLY prove the bone was planted, then i’m unfollowing Proving Demons for stooping to such a low as to waste the time of emergency services. Honestly, i don’t think they’d risk their reputations on something so stupid.

    I get the feeling this ‘investigation’ will turn up nothing and be inconclusive, in which case, Proving Demons is pretty much vindicated from the claims of a hoax.

    • The bone was taken by Dan from one of the locations he visited for an “exploring” video. It was from a medical skeleton. He had videos of it but took the video down when they hatched the plan to plant it in the wall.

  9. I are 100% I don’t believe at all that Dan or Andrew planned that or faked it in any way!!!! People have their opinions and the police aren’t always right. They think what they want!!!

  10. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Dan is in the wrong field if he was faking, he’d have got an Oscar for that scene. Who’s to say it was’nt another team who put it there???

    • Natalia Hamish says:

      No way it was too precise they knew exactly where to put the bone and notice in the video they didn’t show them beginning to knock the wall it was already with a cavity so they had already shoved the bone inside. Police aren’t stupid I guarantee they didn’t steal that from the same grave as the digit they had inside the cloth in the so called dybbuk box?

      • They show the wall on video beforehand, no holes !, I believe that they did not plant the bone. Dan is very credible, i have firm belief that he would never fake eny of this

  11. 100% agreed I think its totally true! I dont think they would screw up there entire career for a hoax this is proving demons life & they would not joke about something this serious!

  12. If the police look at the reactions of the group after finding the bone, they will see that their facial expression and body language is genuine. Watch the phonecall to the police. Then, look at the human femur they found: it is old and discoloured with exactly the kind of dirt you would expect if it had been laying there for a long time. Do some particle analysis police, and see if the bone is really old. The video shows a bone that hasn’t been put there recently. And police, do you really think people are stupid enough to record and publish their videos, and then after their hoax call the police? If there is hard evidence that the bone is new then please report it as well.

  13. All for you tube hits that’s makes them money peeps like this that make the real honest teams look bad shame on them money and ego is all it is

  14. I really doubt andrew and dan would risk the reputation of there channels by placing a human bone in the wall themselves. They’ve built these channels up over years.

  15. Do not believe Dan would not have risked his channel for anything paranormal as he does not believe. Dan has too much too lose. I believe investigations are still happening.

  16. Anyone thought of checking history on the property to see if any missing person was filed

    • It’ll all come out in the wash…stupid if it is a hoax but it happens to the best of folk.. it’s confusing the hell out of your entire audience on YT….post something there, fack FB, your people believe in you.

    • I lived about 200 meters from the property they was in and I will say now I’ve been in there lots of times and Wow it’s creepy believe me there are so many things that they didn’t uncover in that house that I know are hidden in there

  17. This article is incorrect as it is not a hoax and it is still being investigated by the police. If it was a hoax the police would be a little concerned where they had got the human bone from. All you have done is share this story even more thank you very much a bit of free publicity.

  18. Gillian Daniels says:

    I watched all of the you tube videos that led up to last night’s, I’d like to think that the guys didn’t fake it, but now I’m not sure.

    • Its legit mate these arseholes are trying to discredit the team. They shit themselves the only placement was ehen in the handful of stuff he grabs a bone and pulls it out that far before dropping it and jumping back.


  20. How can that be a hoax! It was a real human bone!

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