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Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker near Nantwich is hosting its popular living history event where the Soviet threat of the Cold War comes to life.

It’s happening this weekend September 21-22.

From military vehicles and nuclear weapons to living historians dressed in Cold War uniforms, the entire bunker site is taken over by the event for the weekend.

The museum at the Secret Bunker offers visitors a chance to uncover the previously top-secret underground world of civil defence.

Visitors can discover how they could survive a nuclear attack and how the nation would rebuild after a national emergency.

The Soviet Threat event, now in its fifth year, provides visitors with a chance to discover more of the Cold War story.

Featuring exhibits and active living historians including American Gulf War, Northern Ireland, Russian Snipers, East Germans and Cold War era British Army amongst others.

Visitors can even step into the shoes of the President of the United States of America and play through the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Lucy Siebert, museum director, said: “We want people to understand the experience of the Cold War by seeing our recent history come alive before their eyes.

“It gives you a completely different appreciation of the period, having your passes inspected by East German border guards or seeing British Army soldiers patrolling the bunker’s corridors.”

British Army re-enactor James Spencer added: “Soviet Threat is a great opportunity for me to show and educate people about the Cold War.”

Tickets include access to the event and unlimited entry to the museum for a full year.

Buy tickets on the door on the day.

The museum and event are dog and family friendly.

More details are available on the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker Facebook Page and

cold war soviet threat hack green bunker

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