group of youths in Nantwich breaching lockdown

Groups of young people are breaching the lockdown rules in Nantwich and gathering in “blackspots”, say concerned residents.

Readers have contacted us to raise concerns about groups of young people gathering in the underpass below Waterlode close to Nantwich Town football club, as well as along the River Weaver.

This group of male youths were seen along the River Weaver today.

Residents say they were heard “laughing and joking” about being out and breaching social distancing rules.

Nantwich Police say they will be stepping up patrols around any areas where people are reported to be gathering.

One resident told us: “The whole town is doing its upmost to adhere to social distancing and especially whilst queuing for our shops and pharmacies.

“But there are definite blackspots where young people are flouting government instructions and repeatedly gathering in tight-knit groups and clearly neither exercising or heading to and from buying food.

“The underpass beneath the B5341 close to the town football club and also by the River Weaver regularly has youngsters sitting in groups there, making it very difficult for people to pass by safely to get shopping done or take their exercise by the Weaver.”

Another resident, who also wished to remain anonymous, added: “This is now a real problem area – the behaviour of some youngsters is quite blatant and deeply unfair on those responsibly trying to get a quick bit of exercise.

“We fully appreciate the police are stretched at this difficult time but this is becoming a real blackspot and they need to be actively challenging and patrolling this spot on all our behalf.”

And a Stapeley Gardens resident posted on Facebook: “Just walking around the estate on my evening walk, and seen a large group of teen boys walking up button bush drive. If they are yours, come get your kids please!”

There are fears with warm weather forecast over the Easter weekend that more will be tempted outside, breaching the current guidance.

Cheshire Police Superintendent Julie Westgate said: “We are all in the same boat, we miss our family and friends immensely, but we urge you to see the bigger picture and stay at home – if you can, get together virtually online.

“Give your elderly relative a ring and see how they are doing, but please don’t be tempted to pay a visit.

“The coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet, anyone can still catch it and anyone can spread it.

“The majority of people in Cheshire are being really supportive, listening to the advice, taking it on board and staying at home where they can.

“Thank you to everyone who is helping to play their part in saving lives and protecting the NHS.”

For more information about the measures in place go to

Residents with concerns about areas where people are gathering and breaching lockdown rules can contact Cheshire Police online

Nantwich police station is also opening for one hour a day during the lockdown for people to report crimes or incidents if they are unable to do so using phone or online.

(Image courtesy of Nantwich News reader)


  1. Derek Whittey says:

    I think they should be punished by making them go to one of the testing labs where people are infected with a less harmful form of Covid-19 at a lab in east London.

    I have a critical care nurse in the family who has to put herself in the firing line every day, she’s seen people die almost on a daily basis, the stress, emotional trauma she’s going though is untrue.

    People like this have no consideration for others and just get away with it. There is little to no consequence for their stupidity.

  2. Agree totally with the comments of local residents. With the massive efforts made by the majority to reduce risk and reduce the long term need for lockdown these pRobles must be dealt with now. Abuse, if not sorted, will grow, particularly with the uneducated youth who for some reason think they are immune to this. The vast majority would I suspect have no problem with the rule breakers, along with perhaps the parents, being dealt with robustly. Worse than smoking where you shouldn’t, dropping a cigarette end (£80 fine?) I think so. Strong response needed.

  3. Cynical Sid says:

    Selfish, thoughtless, inconsiderate, arrogant, disrespectful. The youths should be named and shamed. The majority are abiding by the rules, why do these idiots think they are above the law.

  4. Stay in you idiots,you are selfish, you are putting your own family and friends at risk and guess what?



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