Nigella with This Lexia and Other Languages - Helen Kay poet

A Nantwich poet has published poems about dyslexia: straight for the heart, writes Jonathan White.

Helen Kay wrote a pamphlet about chickens back in 2016 and since then Helen and her sidekick chicken puppet, Nigella, have been clucking away at many local venues.

Now, four years later, Kay will be releasing a new pamphlet, This Lexia and Other Languages on July 1.

The book explores experiences of being dyslexic at different stages in life and the way it shapes family relationships.

Described as poems which are ‘alive and beautiful’, the poet embraces both the positives and negatives of dyslexia, capturing the range of emotions from joy to anger.

Kay draws on her experiences and professional insights as a dyslexia tutor.

This Lexia and Other Languages (1)
This Lexia and Other Languages

Though some of the poems have taken 10 years to write, in 2018 Kay undertook a project to create a platform for dyslexic poets and artists.

This became a catalyst for her to make some of her poems into videos and to put the sequence of poems together.

Instead of a face-to-face launch, the poet will be reading some poems as a live Facebook event on July 19 at 3pm followed by questions and answers.

She said: “This is not an easy time for performers of any kind.

“At a time when people are fighting to survive, other issues can seem less important.

“In reality they are more important than ever.”

The pamphlet will be published by

Copies are available from v. press from July 1 via the author at [email protected]


  1. Eion MacDonald says:

    Dear folk, 20230929; May I through you thank Helen Kay for her talk to Culcheth Methodist Church Meeting Point on 28th Sept 2023. May i ask you to pass our thanks to her. We are unable to find a direct website or email to pass our thanks.
    Eion MacDonald

  2. This finely-honed collection is packed with wit, wisdom and emotional connection. Highly recommended.

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