limit - 20 mph sign 20's Plenty - pic by Albert Bridge creative commons licence

A petition has been launched to back a campaign for 20mph speed limits on most residential streets in Nantwich and other towns and villages across Cheshire East.

The petition, set up by sustainability action group Macctastic in Macclesfield, is being run on behalf of Cheshire East Climate Alliance.

They have brought together local sustainability groups from across Cheshire East in a bid to reduce traffic speeds with its “20 is Plenty” campaign.

Cheshire East Council is set to vote on July 22 at its full council meeting on whether to set a “default” 20mph limit on residential roads in Cheshire East.

Other authorities across the UK have already implemented this approach.

Cheshire East Climate Alliance says it will make streets safer for all road users, encourage active travel like cycling and walking, and protect more vulnerable members of society.

David Mayers, of Cheshire East Climate Alliance, said: “Coming on the back of the quieter roads we all enjoyed during lockdown, we think this is the ideal time for this initiative and there is a great deal of public support for it.

“It’s not the only way we can reduce our dependence on cars and lorries and improve our air quality, but it’s probably the quickest and cheapest.

“It will complement perfectly the limited initiatives being introduced by Cheshire East over the next few weeks and months in response to the Covid-19 crisis – such as closing streets to vehicles to promote active travel and enable social distancing.

“It would make a huge difference to the streets where we all live, work and play.

“The petition will show our councillors there is real public support for this and make sure they vote in favour.”

The petition can be found here.

(Image by Albert Bridge creative commons licence)


  1. Wolstej says:

    No-one shows any interest in enforcing the existing 30 mph speed limit so what makes the petitioners think a 20 mph limit will be more effective?

  2. Sue says:

    It is essential for other reasons too, that is the increase of delivery vans and cars , probably under pressure from Employers to do too many deliveries in one shift.

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