Ombudsman - cheshire east council headquarters - pic by Mike Faherty

Dear Editor,
Once again this Cheshire East Council has proved itself to be totally out of step with its residents and visitors alike.

They have no idea how to promote and develop Crewe town centre, its present state shows that, they do not appear to have had a long term plan, all the development over the last 20 years as been badly thought out.

Housing development is fine if you update infrastructure, but clearly has not been done.

In short a complete mess!


Nick, from Crewe


  1. Perhaps that’s what CEC want? Total gridlock? It’s getting that way soon,a slum centre SURROUNDED by massive housing developments!👎👻

  2. Out of town retail parks actually work if out out of town and not next to a town centre like Crewe,go Chester Shrewsbury for starters and both work.
    Grand junction was built through corruption and back handers and now Crewe suffers.
    As for the new town center if built who wants a cinema when we’ve already got that’s empty most nights,who needs a bowling alley when we had but now derelict.
    Where can one eat in Crewe town center apart from cholesterol filled rubbish or even enjoy a beer with needing adequate insurance but then the latter is down to folk.

  3. Gordon croft says:

    The out of town Aldi in crewe that has Bus stops nearby but surprisingly no buses go on that road!.
    And no signage whatsoever coming off the crewe green roundabout on University Way warning traffic of oncoming traffic turning right towards them. And no signage at all of the left turn to the store which is hidden behind a hedge!
    What’s up with the other local Aldi stores ? Aren’t we overwhelmed with the stores we have nearby Sandbach, nantwich, nantwich road, middlewich !
    Nice payday for some😳😉🙈

  4. Mike Docker says:

    Completely agree! No incisive vision at all. Grand Junction is a prime example of both the wrong location and absolutely no appreciation of the road infrastructure requirements which are both wholly inadequate and completely lacking in any useful public transport.

  5. The new out of town Aldi should never have been approved. They should be encouraging retail development in the town not further away

    • There is nowhere in the town centre that is suitable to build a supermarket like Aldi. These sort of shops are massive compared to what shops were like when the town centres were built.

      Times have changed. People want the convenience of shopping out of town or on the internet. Towns need to find an alternative use for town centres. It may be cafes, bars or something completely different but to think that retail is gong to return and to force it to do so by legislation is crazy.

  6. Nick,

    You are absolutely correct, they allowed the out of town area which effectively killed the centre, they impose parking charges which drives me away and probably others as well and then they say the reintroduced parking charges in Nantwich and the “pedestrianisation” are for our good. What planet are these people living on?

    • The city centre cant take any more traffic. Even with the shops empty… takes forever to get through Crewe. Ive given up going there not because of the shops. But because the traffic is beyond congested. Deveoping the centre of the town wont help it.

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