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Dear Editor,

The PCR Covid test is totally useless.

It throws up an amazing 93% FALSE positive rate. This means that 93% of the Covid deaths are not Covid deaths at all.

The never ending lockdowns are based on a worthless test. Both the PM and his Deputy have said live on TV that the test is 93% FALSE positive.

If you do a PCR test at 10 cycles……NOBODY would be positive. If you do a PCR test at 60 cycles……….EVERYBODY is positive.

Boris can manipulate the test to get the result he wants. He does it at 45 cycles to get a huge amount of positives to scare us witless.

Why is he doing this?

He wants to ensure that we are ALL vaccinated with a type of vaccine that has never been used before, that has been rushed through at unprecedented breakneck speed.

What could possibly go wrong?

99.98% of the world’s population has NOT died ‘with’ Covid. There is no need for a vaccine.

However, if some people want to take it , that is their choice. Those who don’t want it, should not be forced to have it by coercion.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester
Putting Crewe First


  1. Andrew Murray says:

    This will be shown to be a perfect assessment of this complete sham. Pcr is 100% not a diagnostic tool, this was confirmed very clearly on film, live in front of an audience by inventor Kary Mullis, who conveniently died at the end of 2019.

    If the pcr test is run at high levels, which it is, it will find anything, as the common cold is also a coronavirus it will pop for that, as confirmed by the cdc. Where are the peer reviewed papers supporting this test as diagnostic test?

    The lies will continue if the pcr test isn’t exposed for what it is, a great tool for research not diagnosis and certainly not the bases for all this craziness.

  2. Marty says:

    Big thanks to Nantwich News for publishing the letter! It’s amazed me how many idiotic repays were posted..13 idiots Lol

  3. Eugen says:

    I see you guys went mad on this post. Here is another one from someone more known. Do some research before going all medieval on opinions different from the Media.


  4. George Beardsell says:

    As they say in Stoke on Trent, this fellow needs his head looking at with an axe. Or, as we say in Holmfirth, you can’t educate pork.

  5. Derek Whittey says:

    Absolute twaddle. Let’s not forget this: https://www.cheshire-live.co.uk/news/social-media-backlash-following-cladding-16258518

    A man who’s twitter account @CllrBSilvester has been suspended, Google shows his profile as: @CllrBSilvester #TrumpWon #Scamdemic #EndLockdown

    Perhaps he should crawl back up into David Icke’s “cave”.

  6. Chris Moorhouse says:

    I think Parish Councillor B Silvester was elected unopposed as the PC still has a vacancy. The area has a population of approximately 830.
    His ramblings only make him to look foolish.

  7. Martin Bale says:

    Dear Editor

    I find it very sad that this sort of fake news is given prominence on your web site.

    I know everyone has the right to express their views but in this case I feel he has abused his position as a councillor.

    It reminds me of Trump and the damage he has done.

    • Richard says:

      Taking the opportunity to look at Cllr Sylvester and his background on the internet it does beg the question as to why similar checks are not conducted before allowing a person like this to air his ridiculous views, whether it is his opinion or not. This is a dangerous message.

  8. AP says:

    Does the Nantwich News have no editorial control at all? This letter is not just opinion, it is full of falsehoods which can be easily shown to be untrue. Frankly to allow this sort of nonsense to be published at this time is dangerous.

    The PCR test is the most reliable test for the virus that exists and has a verifiable accuracy of in excess of 99.5%. There are numerous medical articles that confirm this. The author of this letter clearly has no knowledge of how the test works or what protocols are used. I would suggest he may want to spend some time educating himself rather than embarrassing himself in print.

  9. EL says:

    Mr Sylvester’s letter are usually based on a loose grasp of the facts, but this one goes beyond the pale. How is it that people in his contituency continue to vote for him? Let’s hope that after this ridiculous tirade they will see him for what his is and he can take a well deserved rest from his public office.

    • Eileen Churchman says:

      His ‘constituency’ doesn’t continue to vote for him. He is not an elected councillor. He has made up a ‘party’. Ignore it. He’ll go away eventually.

  10. Dekka52 says:

    That diatribe should never have been published. Nantwich News should be deleted as a broadcaster of fake news. Lost all respect for you & your staff

  11. Zarah says:

    I am astounded that you deem it acceptable to print the below readers letter during these difficult and frightening times. It is absolutely obscene that anyone can write to you with convoluted and unfounded figures about something so important and you happily publish them and send them directly to your subscribers.

    Whilst it’s clear to me that this is an ‘opinion piece’ (and therefore to be totally disregarded as utter rubbish and a waste of everyone’s time) other more vulnerable people may take this nonsense as fact. Who knows how many local residents may now be dissuaded from following official public health advice and getting a test because your pal Brian has randomly decided they show 93% false positives and are therefore pointless? How many folk with the virus will now avoid bothering with a silly old test and merrily head out in Nantwich spending their Christmas pennies and spreading the virus to genuinely vulnerable people because old Brian here has decided that COVID really isn’t as bad as the Doctors are saying and not *that* many people have died because the tests aren’t very good. What absolute bile. Printing this total shambles is dangerous and you ought to remove it and apologise. Opinion pieces should be fact checked when it can impact people so seriously.

    It is beyond irresponsible to print ridiculous and downright dangerous claims about the reliability of COVID tests and thus the necessity of a vaccine. Where are dear old Brian’s official scientific sources which confirms this ‘statistic’ regarding the reliability of the COVID test? Where is the official peer reviewed science that proves this nonsense? Where’s the bibliography and references to support his ramblings? Goodness me, anyone could just make up any old tripe and put some percentages in front of their claims to give them a bit of weight. For example did you know that 97% of your readers think Councillor Brian Silvester should take a day off and have a lie down?

    It’s a difficult and challenging task being involved in responsible journalism but quite frankly, you need to work a lot harder please Nantwich News.

  12. Deanna Mainwaring says:

    Dear Editor

    Nantwich news shouldn’t be giving a platform to conspiracy theories! I am shocked that you have printed this letter. It is dangerous and irresponsible to be airing this type of information


    Deanna Mainwaring

  13. Richard says:

    Sounds like Cllr Sylvester needs a different kind of test!!!!. What?

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