Hospital Street - Barrel and Tap (1)

Nantwich could emerge from the Covid pandemic lockdown with new bars in the town centre.

Outlets on Hospital Street and High Street in the town centre are set to open this summer as the country returns to relative normality.

The former “Barrel and Tap” bar on Hospital Street is to reopen under the name “Six Nantwich” and is undergoing renovation.

Bar Six is a family-run Sandbach-based business which already operates a bar on Market Square in Sandbach.

The company said today: “We are really proud and excited to announce we will be opening our second venue, Six Nantwich, in the summer of 2021.

“90-92 Hospital Street will be our home (formerly the Barrel & Tap) and it’s currently going through a major facelift both inside and out.

“The drinks selection will be ever-changing, serving some of the best craft beers, signature cocktails, small batch spirits, unique wines and everything in between.

“Chilled and relaxed by day, upbeat and vibrant by night and never compromising on attention to detail and great service.

“We are now looking for a new team to front Six Nantwich!

“Supervisor, bartender and bar back roles are available across varying contracted hours.

“Experience is preferred in most of the roles but not essential, we’re looking for people with an interest in drinks and how to serve them or someone showing enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.”

On High Street, sources say the unoccupied section of the former PW Chemist is being converted into an independently owned gin bar.

At the former “The Union” pub premises, also on High Street, work is underway to renovate the top floor flat.

It’s thought there are no tenants yet to take over The Union pub.

(Words and images courtesy of Jonathan White)

High Street - independent gin bar at former PW Chemist premises (1) (1)
High Street – independent gin bar at former PW Chemist premises
High Street - independent gin bar at former PW Chemist premises (2) (1)
High Street – independent gin bar at former PW Chemist premises


  1. I’ve lived here for 15 years now and one of the constant issues I read about is elements of the community resisting any form of change. You could argue that as a relative newcomer my view isn’t relevant but with all the development in the town and new, younger families moving into the area change is inevitable and in my view required.

  2. Anything has got to be better than empty premises in the town centre. I appreciate that some people are concerned about anti-social behaviour, but not all people are irresponsible and even us ‘oldies’ like to go out for a sociable drink every now and then – also, we were all young once! Nantwich has always been a thriving destination for eating and drinking, both in the daytime and the evening. I think that once the country starts to open up again, then these businesses will do really well, and we should support them to make Nantwich great again.

  3. Shane Butler says:

    More bars in nantwich for young people to drink get drunk get arrested. All of crewe and surrounding areas going nantwich to get drunk pmsl some people just love the profit forgetting the trouble and the caused police activity hey.

  4. The town, and high street, will, and needs to change. The virus has merely accelerated that trend. Moving forward, it needs to be a community magnet, preferably with artisan traders and social attractions such as varied restaurant and drinking venues, to include a healthy cafe culture, encouraging positive leisure activities for families and friends. ANY of this is better than boarded shop fronts.

    • Well said…like it or not, Nantwich needs to develop its tourist potential and new bars, independent shops, and hotels will all contribute to the economy of the town. Look forward to 2022 and the return of the festivals.

  5. The town has to be a destination area now, long gone is the need for lots of shops, but what is needed is interesting venues to form a community of events based in the town.
    Look at some towns like Newcastle, the council there were too strict as to what was allowed to be open, they totally crushed the spirit of business people with a passion for business that it ruined the town, look at it now, that is nothing to do with business costs it is purely wooly thinking councillors. Glad I sold up ten years ago!

  6. It would be great to have a restaurant thats not Indian, Chinese or Italian. A really good Mexican would be my choice.

    • Jill, there is a Greek restaurant on Hospital Street, Thai on Pillory Street, Thai on Welsh Row, Bench Bistro on Beam Street, Street on Welsh Row and Deadwood Smokehouse on Beam Street, Cafe Paris Hospital Street. I know they’re not great but decent for in middle of bumville, Cheshire.
      I haven’t seen many Mexicans around Nantwich have you?
      Try Crewe’s New Market Hall

  7. I can see both sides but why are the new entrants into this difficult trade either craft beer places, two of which have tried and failed/closed or faddy overpriced gin joints which will have a short shelf life. Hopefully these new ventures will have a USP that the others have not, let’s wait and see!!.

  8. “What we’re missing are places to drink in Nantwich” said literally no one local. Decent places to eat out perhaps but really, do we need more places enabling anti-social behaviour and late night noise and litter once we get out of lockdown?

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