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Despite the whirlwind of the impact that the pandemic has had on companies, new research reveals that almost 20,000 entrepreneurs started new tech businesses in the UK last year according to Government figures – the equivalent to a new business created every half hour in 2020!

In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, we wanted to explore what it truly means to be a digital entrepreneur and everything that that title entails.

What Is A Digital Entrepreneur?
Not to be confused with the generalised term “entrepreneur”, a Digital Entrepreneur focuses exclusively on digital commerce, creating digital products and services that are marketed, delivered, and supported entirely online.

This can be an online store, platform, service, or program that is hosted on the web and requires the use of an internet connection.

What Does The Role Entail?
To make things a little easier, we’ve outlined a few essential points that every Digital Entrepreneur in 2021 should consider.

Strong Marketing Strategy
One of the first things that every online business needs to implement is an exceptionally strong marketing strategy.

One of the top focal points within this is marketing automation.

We recently caught up with Amy Birch, Operations Director at Wired Plus, to see why automation is such an integral part of modern-day marketing strategies for online businesses.

Q: How did you become aware of the gap in marketing automation solutions?

Amy said: “A few years ago I read a study about marketing teams and their current skillset, and the finding that always stuck with me was regarding automation.

“It said that marketing teams and businesses knew that automation was the way forward, but they had no idea how to actually DO it.

“Marketing managers and teams are brilliant at creating campaigns, concepts and marketing their products but can sometimes struggle with the logic and background of automation – this is where I see Wired Plus slots in perfectly.

“We can give our clients a platform that provides the basics PLUS all of the exciting, new and advanced features that modern marketing teams need AND we can support them along the way with our experience by offering the managed services, custom training and a friendly voice on the other end of the phone to bridge the skillset gap.”

Online Presence
If you’re going to base your business solely online, you need to have a strong online presence across all relevant platforms.

Social media can be a pivotal tool for spreading brand awareness and maintaining good connections with your clientele as you can regularly update everyone on the journey of the business.

Be sure to research exactly which social media platforms will be of most use to you – each have a different demographic audience which is something worth considering before just posting aimlessly on every channel.

Whilst Twitter nowadays is used for the likes of stating opinions of world news and current affairs, LinkedIn can provide you with a community of like-minded business people and can be a great place to cement new connections.

Mobile Optimisation
With busy lives and working schedules, mobile optimisation is now more important than ever, and there are a whole host of benefits that this can have on your business.

With so many of us using our phones to purchase products and services on the go, tailoring your webpage to be mobile friendly can directly increase customer satisfaction across your site.

It can also vastly improve your website’s bounce-rate, which can boost your SEO ranking on Google.

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