Visitor Andrew Lyon views an InterCity 125 High Speed Train (HST)

There’s something magical about travelling long distance with the train.

Their comfy seats, smooth tracks and big windows offer the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride until you reach your destination.

There’s almost something romantic about the whole thing. However, let’s not forget the important (sometimes boring) things you have to consider before you hit the rails.

For long distance trips, it’s not as simple as buying a ticket 10 minutes before and hopping onto the train.

From buying tickets in advance to planning your route to the station and bringing enough food to snack on, here are some tips about how to enjoy your train experience to the full and not get caught out along the way.

Book your tickets in advance
Let’s face it, train travel is expensive, and it only gets more expensive the further you want to go.

Avoid astronomical fees and book your long distance train ticket well in advance.

As soon as you know when you want to travel, buy your ticket. Some train operators even suggest buying your ticket up to 120 days (4 months) in advance!

The rule applies for countries all over the world, so no matter where you are.

Arrive in plenty of time
Considering that you booked this ticket in advance and been smug about your failsafe organisational skills, it would be devastating to miss it.

Avoid the risk altogether and arrive at least 20 minutes early, minimising the stress that comes with rushing around a crowded station with lots of luggage.

Don’t sit in the wrong seat
Seat reservations are particularly important in long distance trains where people hop on and off all the time.

Study your ticket carefully to see which seat you have been assigned and sit in correct seat.

You don’t want an annoyed passenger to force you out of their seat, only for you to navigate through a crowded train with all your stuff.

Bring lots of snacks
Most trains have a food carriage or bar, but they’re also notoriously expensive and you don’t know if they will stock anything you like.

Don’t go hungry and head to the supermarket beforehand or make a few sandwiches for the journey.

And it goes without saying that a piping hot McDonalds will make you the villain of the whole carriage.

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  1. And avoid Rail Strike dates!!

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