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Organisers of Nantwich Jazz Festival have defended a decision to continue the final show and not refund tickets, despite one of the main acts China Crisis cancelling due to ill health.

Some ticket holders are furious over what they called the “shambolic” final night at Nantwich Civic Hall.

China Crisis were due to be one part of a double act alongside Hue and Cry to close the event with a gig on Easter Monday.

The band cancelled earlier in the day due to ill health, but some ticket holders say they were not informed until they were inside the venue and have been refused refunds.

Festival organisers did find a replacement band called Atomic – an 80s tribute group – and say they felt “the show must go on” rather than cancel.

But Helen Lloyd, one ticket holder who attended, said: “It was shambolic and disgraceful of the organisers not to announce earlier in the day China Crisis weren’t playing – indeed they were still selling tickets for it just beforehand.

“And disgraceful as they are refusing refunds as they replaced chart-topping China Crisis with a band that normally plays for free.

“I am in contact with a few would-be gig goers including a man from Barnsley who had travelled down especially to see China Crisis.

“The organisers waited until everyone was in the Civic, having bought drinks, to announce China Crisis were not playing due to illness.

“The organisers had known this since at least midday but hadn’t informed ticket holders until the event.”

Fellow ticket holder Mark Youds also criticised the organisers.

“China Crisis not playing due to illness is really disappointing, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Just hope whoever is ill is ok.

“But the biggest disappointment is nothing from the Festival organisers or venue management on social media or on any notice outside.

“They wanted to scan our tickets at the door and they did not mention that CC had cancelled, but another fan had tipped us off about the cancellation.

“When we challenged the event staff they were pretty embarrassed and told us we would have to contact the organisers for refunds. People were leaving the venue as we arrived at 7.45pm.

“Not good at all as once the tickets had been scanned there are apparently no refunds.

“It’s a real shame that they were not up front.

“It’s been a brilliant weekend for Nantwich and having to deal with this has put a cloud over it.”

But festival organisers, in a statement, said: “The Double Bill (China Crisis/Hue and Cry) night unfortunately did not finish the festival in the style we had hoped for as China Crisis, due to unavoidable ill health, were unable to perform as planned.

“We were informed with hours to go and had to find a replacement before the doors were due to open.

“As festival organisers we worked exceptionally hard to make sure the show went ahead as planned with two live acts from that genre at very short notice.

“We were very grateful to ‘Atomic’ who stepped in at the very last minute. We wish Gary Daly from China Crisis a speedy recovery.

“The band have apologised that they were unable to perform for only the second time in their 40 years of live shows.

“Due to the fact that the show was a double headline show securing an alternative date for both headliners and the venue was just not practical in the timescales so as festival organisers we felt ‘the show must go on’.”

The 25th annual Jazz, Blues and Music Festival featured more than 140 gigs in 15 venues over the five-day Easter period.

Many have said this year – with fine weather – has been one of the best festivals yet.

Organisers added: “The headline acts at the Civic hall were diverse and showcased an extraordinary line up of both local talent and also talent from further afield.

“Once again we would like to thank our amazing festival team that make all of this happen; the artists, the official festival ‘Around the Town’ venues and all of our festival goers for their attendance and making it a very special annual event that is close to the hearts of music fans and people from around the region and further afield.

“The festival puts Nantwich on the map and is a perfect showcase of what can be achieved when all the venues and people work together to host this event.”


  1. Nantwich Town Council says:

    We empathise with those who were left feeling disappointed following the cancellation of China Crisis at the Civic Hall during the Jazz Festival. However, we must clarify that this show was not organised or delivered by the Town Council. The Civic Hall was hired out to a commercial enterprise which were responsible for the event. No income from ticket sales was received by the Town Council. Anyone wishing to receive further details, please contact the Town Council directly on 01270 619224.

  2. Norma Thomas says:

    Who cares it less about music and greedy publicans selling booze lots of locals dint bother to go when you live locally and have had damage to property its a different matter

  3. Typical council mentality, quite happy to take peoples hard earned cash then blatantly not deliver whats been paid for!!
    If a customer paid for something that’s unfortunately become unavailable a refund is usually issued…. But not with these robbing bastards!!
    Absolutely disgraceful

  4. No surprises at all. This festival is and always has been financially driven.

  5. The comments from the organisers are disingenuous at best. This is entirely a financially driven decision. Fans of China Crisis paid to see that SPECIFIC band not Hue and Cry (regardless of the “joint headliner” designation) nor a tribute act that had already played in town and “stepped in at the last minute” not as a favour but because they were paid to do so. If you pay to see a band and they cancel with seven hours notice you should be entitled to a refund. it isn’t hard to see why people are unhappy.

    It reflects very poorly on the organisers that they continue to pat themselves on the back for a job well done when they have, effectively, taken China Crisis ticket holders’ money and given them nothing in return that they wanted, expected or paid for. If you bought tickets to see Adele would you be happy to accept an Amy Winehouse tribute act instead because she’s “from the same era”? I think not.

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