Dear Editor,
I was disgusted earlier today to find the above in Welsh Row.

Paper torn up and thrown onto the footpath by pupils from Malbank School who obviously have no respect for the town that they are being educated in.

Can’t the youngsters of today just walk home from school without trying to deface or turn the town into a tip?

If only the parents knew what their little darlings are like.

Have some respect and look after your town.


John Morris


  1. We’ve had the same problem at the top of Barony Rd with Reaseheath college students which I have witnessed dropping litter when they’re walking back from Sainsbury after lunch.

  2. Marco woloski says:

    I have tried to get schools to be more aware for years now. No interest if the parents are not teaching their kids what hope is there. Parenting should be left to the experts. Too many rank useless amature part time entitled parents out there to bother unless they get paid to do the right thing

  3. Andrew.
    Firstly I will point out that I witnessed the Malbank pupils carrying out the littering.
    Secondly I did email the school and have still had no reply 4 days later.
    However many thanks for jumping to conclusions about what actions I may have taken !!!

  4. If these are definately papers from the school complain to the school

  5. Geoff Stockton says:

    Mill fields estate is the same disgusting the state of the weeds

  6. The parents do know what they’re like but they don’t care because they are the same kind of people John.

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