CEC car parking -Snow Hill Nantwich - parking charges recommenced on 15th June 2020 (1)

Residents in Nantwich are being urged to air views on Cheshire East Council’s proposed changes to parking arrangements and charges.

It could see parking costing £1 an hour on some car parks in Nantwich, including Bowling Green and Church Lane.

And parking or two hours on all car parks in the town is set to rise to between £1.40 and £1.60, according to the plans.

It will also mean bringing in charges for those towns in the borough which have for many years enjoyed free parking.

A statutory consultation has now opened and will run for six weeks until November 1.

A full list of proposed changes to charges on off-street car parks can be found here

nantwich car parks changes
Proposed increase in Nantwich car park charges

CEC says the rate of inflation means that the cost of maintaining, managing and operating car parks has “significantly increased”.

Parking income is put towards other highways and transport services.

Its parking proposals to be consulted on include:

– introduce parking charges in some car parks where parking is currently free
– increase current parking charges by rate of inflation in some car parks across the borough
– reduce parking charges in some car parks due to their location and usage
– changes to limited waiting bay periods at certain on-street locations

Proposals do not affect Blue Badge holders.

Cllr Craig Browne, Cheshire East Council deputy leader and chair of the council’s highways and transport committee, said: “The inherited legacy where some residents pay to park and others do not has caused a sense of unfairness.

“The council is proposing to address this imbalance – taking into account each town’s characteristics – while also responding to the higher costs of maintaining our car parks, which require regular resurfacing, improved lighting and markings and the installation of EV charging points.

“It is important to us that we get as much feedback as possible to these proposals and I hope our residents, and businesses, will take this opportunity to feed into this consultation.”

The outcome of the consultation will be considered by the council’s highways and transport committee in January 2024, before decisions are made.

You can view the proposals here https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/parking_consultation

Representations to the proposals must be emailed to [email protected]

Alternatively, write to Parking Services Manager, Cheshire East Council, Delamere House, Delamere Street, Crewe, CW1 2LL


  1. Ian Hughes says:

    Sadly, Cheshire East Council do not serve the residents who they represent.
    The proposed increase in car perking charges simply manifests this .
    Residents and visitors will simply just travel to areas where car parking is free. Nantwich town centre has numerous vacant shop premises. The town will simply die, the only businesses will be charity shops, coffee shops and bars. Local businesses in Nantwich are in rapid decline. The Council is run to self perpetuate the people they employ. If they were employed in the private sector few would survive. Tax payers are paying for their very expensive final salary pensions.
    It is time Cheshire East Council got real.
    The garden bin is yet another example of their poor management.
    Increasing the car parking fees is just another example of their lack of ability to operate within a budget.

  2. This is ludicrous.
    Staff whom work in the town have no choice but to pay these ridiculous rates. It won’t even be worth working in the town if this carries on. And to the moron who thinks that everyone should take the bus, we’ll that’s just as expensive.. jf they even run from your local area… 16 miles away and turn up on time.

  3. Beware Bowyers Row car park its private and has cameras if you stop for 5 mins you will receive a fine, Beware

  4. Crewe and Nantwich pay a £MILLION+ a year in car park charges.
    NINE towns in Labour run @CheshireEast have NEVER paid a penny in car park charges.
    How can that be fair or right?
    Now to add insult to injury , Labour want to INCREASE the car park charges in Crewe and Nantwich.

  5. Hattie Chewd says:

    They’ve got to put the price up to pay for that lovely multi-storey thing in Crewe……..can’t wait until we get one of those in Nantwich.

  6. Reply to Kevin Wood,
    I don’t agree with this Labour Council, however, I do believe that since the Council does not own that marketplace in Sandbach they can not charge for parking there. I believe it used to be and could possibly still be Common Land.

  7. This Labour council says it is making things fairer by charging on free carparks. Can someone tell me why the link to the proposals says nothing at all about charging on the huge carpark in Sandbach town centre?

    How on earth can Nantwich compete with that?

  8. Ignorant sheep? Oh the irony…

  9. About time too. We need to encourage people to use public transport plus why should the taxpayer fund free parking?

  10. Unfortunately we wont have the opportunity for a long time. We had an election in May and the majority of the ignorant sheep endorsed the Lab/Indy lot even more

  11. One way to kill off any town, ridiculous to even think of charging any where near one pound an hour to park.
    Not so long ago there was talk of free parking to help the struggling towns.
    More greed from a very inefficient council, we need to get rid of this lot and quick

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