Enzo in Nantwich - pic by Robert Cutts, under creative commons licence

The boss of popular town centre restaurant Enzo in Nantwich has put the venue up for sale.

Carrie Slater, from Wistaston, said she needed to sell the High Street outlet to balance “personal life and family”.

Carrie also runs another restaurant and said she was “just a little bit exhausted trying to juggle the two sites”.

Now she is hoping someone will put an offer in to buy her Nantwich Enzo business and keep it thriving as it has for the past 13 years.

Carrie said on social media: “I have spent many years trying to keep numerous plates spinning and it has simply reached the point where I need to put one or two of them down.

“For the sake of my personal life and family, I have had to make the emotional decision to choose just one business to devote all of my time to and make it the best it can be.

“Trying to oversee both places means that apart from not managing to enjoy any quality time with my family, I also struggle to fulfil my own goals with either business.

“I have many ideas but not enough time to see them through, so as sad as it is, I have chosen to offer Enzo up to someone who is able to give it the time and care it truly deserves.”

Carrie said all future party bookings, gift vouchers and others are safe and will be honoured by new owners.

The restaurant is named after an Italian bus driver she met and became friends with many years ago.

She added: “I didn’t have a clue about anything to do with hospitality, food, managing people or indeed an actual business when we naively opened the doors to Enzo 13 years ago.

“I think we just thought we liked good coffee so we would give it a shot. So to be where we are now is nothing short of a miracle.

“One of the first rules we implemented after a particularly trying initial few years was to quash any negative behaviour – from both staff and customers – who aren’t always right by the way!

“This approach to business in general really helped us develop our identity and ‘positive energy’ that people often associate with Enzo.

“I’ve always said that this business is nothing without the right people and one of my proudest achievements is having chosen the perfect people to keep our business going in the way it needed to go.”

Carrie also praised the many people they have employed over the last 13 years.

“There are many people who will always be fondly remembered to me for what they put into this business to help carve out its path.

“There are too many to mention here but ‘The Enzo Greats’ know who they are. Some are still working there.

“I am beyond proud of the things I have achieved both as a person and a business owner.

“I’m my own worst enemy and hate things not being as good as they could be.

“Enzo deserves someone who can make it the best it can be – and there is so much scope to make it better. I’m very excited to watch what happens to it in the future.”

(pic by Robert Cutts, under creative commons licence)


  1. Why so negative, again! Enzo’s rightfully has its place on The Square, with lovely produce, at a reasonable price, served by friendly staff. Here’s hoping this is maintained by the next lucky owner, with Mandy bringing my hot sausage and Earl Grey 🙂 on a Saturday morning.

  2. Hardly suprising there are more coffee shops than ever in town now, problem is they all seem to follow the same ideas, same presentation and nothing to excite the shopper, however go to Chester, Birmingham, Manchester and see different options, I love the cat cafe with the extensive library there, its a destination to spend few hours in, and not a quick cup and go like all the options around here, really friendly staff too

  3. too many samey coffee places anyway now, needs a different vibe to make it work now, there are better more friendlier places to go

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