Rules for Living - Nantwich Players Theatre (3)

This year’s production from the Youth Theatre at Nantwich Players is The Visit, a tragicomedy written by Friedrich Durrenmatt and directed by Ben Willis.

The Youth Theatre gave an exceptional performance and this production highlights the ability and talent of the young cast.

The town of Guellen is bankrupt, it’s factories are empty and the residents live in poverty and despair.

Its only hope is a former resident, a wealthy older woman who visits the town she grew up in.

She offers financial assistance, but only on the condition that they kill the man who wronged her years ago.

It’s a fascinating play to watch, and the grey, almost empty looking set design adds to the atmosphere and tension.

There are themes of justice and revenge, poverty, greed and temptation. The Visit highlights the morality of human nature and societal pressures.

The majority of the cast were doubled up on roles and delivered strong performances throughout the play.

Madeleine Dowson played a wonderfully vengeful Claire Zachanassian, seeking justice for the crime committed against her.

Sebastian Jamson-Smith was great as Alfred Ill, the highly respected shop keeper who falls from grace due to a decision made in his youth.

Other stand out performances came from Huw Sweet-Smith as the Mayor, Matilda Lewis-Morgan as the Schoolmistress and Daria Batley as the Police Inspector.

I enjoyed watching this production.

I’m in awe of the cast who gave a superb performance. Well done to everyone involved.

The visit is running at The Players Theatre until Saturday 23 March.

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  1. Carole Duthie says:

    I saw the play on first night and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    It’s good to see how the young actors have developed their skills over the years we have watched them performing.
    The leading lady was exceptional. πŸ’
    Congratulations and well done to all of them. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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