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You may have joined the vaping revolution early on and are now the proud owner of the leading model of vaping device, which cost nearly as much as your mobile phone.

Even if you’re somewhat of a self-described professional in vaping, it’s quite possible that you have no real idea how these devices actually work.

If this is the case, read on to learn everything that happens as soon as you press the button on your vape.

The Battery
Firstly, and as you might expect, a vaping device is entirely useless without a battery, either a rechargeable one, or else a disposable kind, and inside a vape, the battery is also of an ion origin.

Essentially, the battery in the vape powers the atomiser coil, which then in turn heats the e-liquid to produce the vapour that you inhale and then exhale whilst vaping, and what’s more, the battery itself contains special circuitry to manage the charge and the level of voltage.

Unbelievably, a dual-battery device on the higher-end of spectrum contains roughly the same amount of power as a small notebook computer.

Built-In Safety Features
Even though vaping isn’t just extremely popular, but also relatively safe in terms of the device itself and its charging capabilities, it’s still important to make sure you buy a reputable brand with the following safety features built in:

• Automatic monitoring of the internal battery temperature
• Shutting off the charge when the battery is full
• Keeping the output safely underneath the maximum capacity of the device
• Checking for any issues relating to the circuitry

Vapes UK will not only provide you with the exact make and model that you’re most interested in trying next, but their experienced staff members will also be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

The Atomiser Coil & Tank
The battery is responsible for powering your vape, and the tank and atomiser coil are responsible for the e-liquid, with the tank itself having a selection of different airholes to allow air to enter and for vapour to leave, all without leaking.

As soon as you press the button on the battery, the e-liquid contained in the wick inside the tank is vaporised by the atomiser coil and after the draw is complete, the wick becomes dry once more, allowing the absorption of more liquid in the tank ready for the next use.

The E-Liquid
Finally, no doubt you will already have seen the seemingly endless range of different e-liquids, that vary not only in flavour, but also nicotine strength and indeed, application.

There are more and more options for e-liquids that contain little to no nicotine, and obviously, due to the addictive nature of nicotine, this can only be a good thing.

It’s often said within the vaping community that the lower the level of nicotine inside the juice, the more satisfying and tastier the flavour becomes.

In the case of nicotine e-liquids, there’s only ever a small amount of the substance within the carrier, essentially the flavoured liquid.

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