Road Building - dualling of A500

Dear Editor,
Instead of this, how about resurfacing the current roads and trim the foliage on the trees that are covering the road signs that show the speed limit and directions.

Especially if you’re a tourist or new to the area you want to know where you are and the speed limits!

Also paint white lines on the roads and the roundabouts so traffic doesn’t accidentally crossover in front of an on coming car and cause an unnecessary accident as I’ve witnessed close calls.

This can be done at night during the warmer months. As Australia and America do so why can’t we.

With roads in the town centres like Nantwich and Crewe, cars could be placed in shopping carparks free of charge or carparks at night so the roads can be resurfaced.

It’s not that hard to work out.

It Just takes forward thinking!

Kind regards,

John Williams, Crewe

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