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South Cheshire car maker Bentley Motors are backing two new charities as part of its sustainability initiative.

Blue Marine Foundation and everwave have joined the Bentley Environmental Foundation, launched in June last year as part of the company’s Beyond100 strategy.

It takes the total number of NGOs and charities supported by the Foundation to seven.

everwave cleans up the environment. Garbage boats are used to prevent waste from entering the oceans.

Artificial intelligence assists in the clean-up missions to detect and analyse waste.

The collected material is then recycled through environmentally friendly processes and, in addition, the public is made aware of environmental issues.

Blue Marine Foundation is dedicated to restoring the oceans to health by addressing the wide scale destruction of life and habitats in the ocean.

It is tackling overfishing, restoring vital habitats and developing models of sustainable fishing.

Their mission is to see at least 30% of the world’s ocean under effective protection by 2030 and the sustainable management of the whole ocean.

Christoph Hohmann, responsible for the Bentley Environmental Foundation, said: “Bentley’s ground-breaking Beyond100 strategy has always targeted leadership in sustainable luxury mobility.

“Launched less than a year ago, the Bentley Environmental Foundation is now a key pillar of that strategy, helping to support change makers around the world and finding solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

“Bentley sees a future in which sustainability will be paramount and these exciting new partnerships will implement projects with positive, long-term impacts for the environment.

“Conscious of the key role that our waterways and oceans play in the mitigation of climate change, we are very excited to now have 4 water-based projects, each co-created with leading NGOs and charities.”

Clemens Feigl, CEO of everwave, said: “We are very happy to have Bentley on board to support our mission.

“Until today, we have collected over 1.4 million tons of waste from waters. Only together with our partners, we can create this visible impact and free the world’s rivers from waste.”

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Bentley Environmental Foundation + Blue Marine Foundation

Dan Crockett, Ocean and Climate Director at Blue Marine Foundation, added: “A healthy ocean full of life could be a powerful solution to climate change.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Bentley Environmental Foundation for their support in creating effective marine protected areas in The Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea and the South Atlantic.

“We look forward to driving significant conservation impact from this generous donation.”

Meanwhile, Bentley Motors have also revealed financial performance for 2023

Operating profits reached €589 million, representing a 43% rise over 2022.

The luxury marque posted a revenue of €2.938 billion as customers were attracted to higher revenue models such as Azure, S and Speed, the mix of which reached 70% up from 30% in 2022.

In total, Bentley delivered 13,560 cars in 2023, its third highest retail figure in history.

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