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Tens of thousands of revellers packed in to Nantwich town centre over the Easter weekend to enjoy another Jazz, Blues and Music Festival.

And despite the numbers and the amount of alcohol consumed, police say there were just a small number of incidents involving assault and possession of drugs.

Dozens of venues around the town were involved in the festival, while other venues put on their own independent live music entertainment to coincide.

Pubs and clubs were packed out from Thursday night to Easter Monday.

Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 2

Cheshire Police said a small number of assaults and public order incidents occurred throughout the event.

There were also 19 positive stop searches with drugs found on each occasion.

A spokesperson for the police added: “The assaults are being investigated by a combination of CID and the beat management team at Nantwich and offenders where identified will be brought to justice.

“There were 19 positive stop searches through the event, all for drugs.

“A number of those offenders have already been prosecuted by police and a number will be prosecuted over the coming weeks.”

Organisers of the festival said it had been a “resounding success”.

“What a year it’s been at the Nantwich Jazz Festival. With 15 amazing official venues, over 140 talented bands, and a town bustling with joyous visitors, we can proudly say that this year’s festival was an absolute triumph!

“We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each of you who joined us in celebrating the magic of live music.

“Your enthusiasm and support added incredible energy to the event, making it unforgettable.

Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 1

“A special shout out to our fantastic official venues, sponsors, and partners whose unwavering dedication and collaboration made this year’s festival possible. We couldn’t have done it without you.

“As the curtains close on this year’s festivities, we’re already counting down the days until we can reunite again.

“The Nantwich Jazz Festival wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of you, and we can’t wait to create more unforgettable memories together soon.”

(Images by Nantwich Events Photography)

Ceroc Dancers and Funkaholics in Town Square - Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 8
Ceroc Dancers and Funkaholics in Town Square
Derailed at Loco Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 6
Derailed at Loco
minstrels of sound at Nine Mill Street - Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 9
Minstrels of sound at Nine Mill Street
Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 5
Abbie Ozard at Civic Hall
Teachers Pet - Bank_Stage Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 11
Fans watch Teachers Pet on Bank Stage
Priceless Advice Crown Hotel Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 4
Priceless Advice at Crown Hotel
The Studio - Nantwich Jazz Fest 2024 10
The Studio


  1. Sideburnrovers says:

    Cannot believe the negative comments here…. the music festival is good for the town and it’s only for a few days…. you old folk get to have the town to yourselves for the other 361 days of the year to walk your dogs, have a coffee and visit one of the charity shops!

  2. I wonder how much tax payers money from the Town Council goes towards the cost of Music Festival. Who pays for the extra Policing involved. What is the cost of clearing up the streets and who pays. I suspect it is the Council Tax Payers of Nantwich within their precept to Nantwich Town Council.
    The beneficiaries are the pubs and the street providers of food.
    Just how many residents avoid the Town Centre when the Music Festival is in full swing. How many other shoppers who would visit avoid the town.
    Can any one tell me the Policing Cost and who pays for it, other than the Council Tax Payer. Do the Pubs pay a levy for the extra Policing Costs and administrative costs of organisation and cleaning. If not why not?
    I cannot imagine the ticket/ band cost covers all the costs.
    On balance it must give a boost to the pubs and food street vendors.
    Can any one quantify the actual moneys it brings into the Town.

  3. Re my last comment, for comparison Glastonbury 2023 had 20 drug offences recorded by Avon and Somerset Police. Nantwich Jazz festival is not a high profile event like Glastonbury so Nantwich Parish Council & Cheshire Police need to be on top of this for next years event.

  4. Baa Humbug says:

    Thank goodness that’s over for another year

  5. I wouldn’t call 19 positive stop searches for drugs a ‘small number of incidents’ !

  6. Totally agree and this article is full of lies council has been inundated by complaints plus drug dealer in a range rover loads of illegal drug use on car parks plus raves right adjacent to residential areas

  7. I am just wondering if I wanted to have a four day party at home with music playing from midday to midnight, loud enough to keep half the town awake , would I expect a visit from the police or can I just crack on with it ?

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