tree felled

A tree in Nantwich town square was chopped down and removed because it was diseased.

Many residents vented their anger at the loss of the tree, taking to social media.

But the iconic cherry tree which has been on Nantwich town square for many years had become infected.

Cheshire East Council applied for permission to cut it down.

It said: “The tree was re-inspected in leaf in August 2021.

“Crown is in advanced decline. Deadwood in crown. This is main due to or in part to Ganoderma adspersum fungal infection at base of trunk at multiple points and throughout trunk.

“Recommendation to reduce risk: Due to extent of crown decline with deadwood and fungal infection within the in tree and medium to high target area and continued cost section fell tree and remove all waste.

“Replant with one feather edge Cherry tree in square in area of felled tree and in keeping with site plane.”

(pics by Jonathan White)


  1. Life must go on it would be nice if a saplings from the tree could be used if possible.

  2. OK, but the stump needs to be removed, promptly, and either a replacement put in place (if possible, preferably), or the paving put right.

  3. Sadly these things happen in nature. Lets hope they quickly plant a replacement

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