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Dear Editor,
Oh dear, oh dear.

The Prime Minister stood in the rain outside 10 Downing Street to announce the election and ruined his suit, which no doubt cost thousands, by getting it soaked with rain – apparently his much vaunted “plan” didn’t include having someone to hold an umbrella over his head.

Conservative Central Office wrote an email accusing Tory MPs of being workshy and inept, and accidentally emailed it to ….. Tory MPs.

In their haste to find someone, anyone, to stand as a Conservative candidate, they asked someone from their contacts list who is already a LIBERAL candidate.

Then the Prime Minister, running his first general election campaign, went to Belfast to appear at the shipyard which built the Titanic, the ship which sank on its maiden voyage. Who thought that one up?

He then announced a plan to conscript 18 year olds, which Defence Chiefs criticised as being a waste of desperately-needed Forces money which had not been discussed with them, just drafted on the back of a fag packet by Tory advisors who’ve gone straight from Oxbridge to Downing Street and have never worked in the real world.

The scheme is so half-baked that the Prime Minister couldn’t explain what would happen to teenagers who refused to take part – this is not 1952 and there will not be Military Police scouring backstreet pubs arresting deserters.

A Minister helpfully announced that the teenagers’ parents would be arrested instead. Great.

No wonder so many things in this country don’t work any more with people of this calibre in charge.

Noticeably, as the Prime Minister tours the country, he is almost alone – there are very few of his normally-vociferous colleagues supporting him.

The Foreign Secretary David Cameron is on holiday in Italy, and Michael Gove is leaving politics.

Where are Penny Mordaunt, Suella Braverman, Priti Patel or Jacob Rees-Mogg, who are normally all over the media giving their views?

The answer is probably that they are polishing their pitches to Conservative party members for the party leadership, a campaign which starts on the day after the general election.

As one of them was quoted as saying “Rishi needs to own the defeat” – they don’t want to be associated with it.

I can see their point. Conservative MPs themselves are defecting and an opinion poll conducted among voters aged 50 and under showed Labour on 59% and the Conservatives third on 8%.

Sunak has a “Titanic” struggle on his hands – sorry for the pun.


Phil Tate

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  1. And why would anyone defect to a party where it doesn’t even know who can or cannot stand as an MP, maybe it’s because it’s just the same politics in a different colour

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