An ePetition calling for a 20mph speed limit on all residential streets in Nantwich has just one week left to run.

The petition, which is currently posted on the Cheshire East Council website, says lower traffic speed limits will improve lives of many in the town.

They also say a new 20mph limit would stop lorries and commuter cars using the town as a cut through and make them travel on the “underused bypass”.

Petition organisers, who are not identified on the site, are calling on the council to work with national group “20s Plenty For Us”.

The ePetition states: “A 20 mph limit would make a big contribution to making Nantwich a healthier, safer and more people friendly place to be.

“Local councillors and residents of the town – try driving at 20 mph in town and feel the difference, less stress driving, people around you are safer. Less fuel costs.

“By driving more sensitively in places where people live you can make a real and positive contribution to the quality of life for everyone in the town.”

Anyone wishing to register their support for the ePetition have until September 8.

(pic by Patersor)

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  1. I’m the 2nd person to sign it. I hope the count is wrong as it needs to happen.

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