potholes plague Marsh Lane in Nantwich

These are some of the potholes plaguing a busy road in Nantwich, leaving community leaders fearing for children’s safety.

Residents, headteachers and town councillors are calling for Cheshire East to carry out urgent repairs to Marsh Lane.

They say it has become so dangerous, vehicles are mounting kerbs and pavements where children walk to school to avoid the holes.

These pictures show a series of potholes all within a 25-metre stretch of Marsh Lane.

One complaint was lodged by resident Richard Smith, who said one of the holes is so large “the kerb is now disappearing into it”.

“It’s impossible to miss,” he reported on www.fixmystreet.com

“Because of parked cars opposite, it is very dangerous!. I suggest weight/width restrictions on this road, it is very narrow and a lot of HGVs are directed down by sat navs.”

Andrew Ross, headteacher of local Millfields Primary, joined the calls for action.

He said: “It has been like that for about a month now. But the road is always bad there.

“It’s very dangerous for the children walking to school as the cars are driving onto the kerb to avoid the many pot holes.”

Cllr Arthur Moran says he wrote to Cheshire East highways to complain on December 28, but nothing has been done.

“The problems are being made worse by heavy good vehicles accessing to building developments in that area,” he said.

“These are very big potholes, and they have been reported but nothing done.

“I’ve asked them to come out and inspect Marsh Lane because it is getting dangerous. Vehicles are mounting kerbs, and damaging footpaths and grass verges. Something needs to be done.”

There are several other complaints of poor road surface and pot-holes lodged by unhappy users.

One has been reported at Wall Lane with the junction of Manor Road, others at the busy junction of Wellington Road and Park Road, and more on Market Street close to Nantwich town centre.

“There are numerous deep and dangerous potholes here,” said Michael Saxton.

“They are dangerous to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike. Really dangerous in conditions of darkness. Urgent action is required to rectify these problems.”

Nantwichnews is awaiting a comment from Cheshire East Council.

(pictures courtesy of Nantwichnews reader)

*Do you know of pothole problems in your road or surrounding streets? Send in your pothole pictures to [email protected]

You can also report pothole problems using the www.fixmystreet.com service.


  1. South Crofts in Nantwich contains multiple potholes along its entire length. It’s also dimly lit, so its a wonder I’ve never gone over on my ankle whilst running down it.

  2. Pot holes are ridiculous around all of Nantwich! I burst my front tyre on the one outside Harrisons on Christmas Eve and my friend did exactly the same thing on Christmas day. I’ve also heard about 2 other people who have done the same thing over Christmas. The hole has since been repaired but is already beginning to cave in.

  3. Kevin Hammersley says:

    Re Potholes in Marsh Lane.
    Marsh Lane is in a shocking state. If Taylor Drive was opened, as I believe was originally intended, it would relieve traffic problems in Marsh Lane (and Queens Drive junction with Welsh Row) solving many of the problems stated in this report.
    Queens Drive Resident.

  4. Martin Malbon says:

    Coole Lane is also horrendous, with lots of potholes, some of which have been marked by placing cones in them.

    This morning I noticed an enormous pothole opposite the school on Broad Lane in Stapeley.

  5. Show me a road that doesn’t have a pothole problem! It really is atrocious around Nantwich and the villages with little having been done since the damage of the last two winters. There have been some very third-rate “repairs” made in places, most of which have broken up again. What a waste of money! Why not do the job properly in the first place? Cheshire East are making a big deal of the extra £2M they are getting for road repairs, but they have had this before and it has gone nowhere. In my travels, I think that Cheshire East is one of the worst places in the country for the state of its roads. What are they doing with the huge increase in income from all the new houses? They certainly are not spending it on the region’s infrastructure.

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