Furious Vodafone customers in Nantwich have called on the mobile phone provider to improve its service in the area.

Many have tweeted that they have been without a network signal for several days.

Others say the signal is patchy with some parts of the town connecting, others nothing.

@VodafoneUKhelp blamed a mast and other “issues” for the problems in the Nantwich and surrounding area.

A spokesperson told us: “One local mast was fixed this morning. Another local site is facing issues and we’re doing our best to resolve it ASAP.”

But on the company’s website, still states there are “no unexpected issues” with the network status, and that they are “not planning to work on anything that’ll affect your service in this area”.

Customers in Nantwich have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration over the problems.

One said: “Monday and still no coverage in Stapeley! Will we ever get a mobile network here?”

Another said: “I’m still unable to access the network despite Vodafone saying problem is fixed, any update Vodafone?”

“We have had no network coverage in Nantwich (Cheshire) yesterday and today! We need to know when this will return pls?” tweeted another user.

One user claimed to have spoken to the company who blamed “maintenance” which was overdue by three days.

“Signal in Stapeley off all weekend. Third time this year. Not phone issue, works elsewhere,” added another customer.

Nantwichnews has contacted the company direct to ask them to clarify what the “issues” are and why they continue to happen.

We are awaiting a reply.



  1. Vodafone have now got a partnership with O2 (as per the site sharing agreements mentioned earlier in the comments) and the Grade II listed Wybunbury Church Tower upgrade is underway, having been approved my the Cheshire East. This will be providing CW5 with a decent signal in the near future. Parts on order, work underway, nearly there!

  2. It’s always been poor in Audlem
    But over the past week apaling in central Crewe . I shall be switching to BT mobile .

  3. well ive had no signal since 24/8/14 no internet etc in tarporley, cw6 im losing business as my mobile is my work number i think its ridiculous in this day and age to have these probs!

  4. Wayne Atherton says:

    I spoke with them on Monday, and asks what was happening. They replied with ‘we fixing it, but it’s tricky, please be patience’. I then went on to inform them, that I was paying for a service that they are failing to provide – they offered 50% off my rental for the total amount of days without service! Seriously, I’m getting 100% No Service but they still expect 50% payment. Joke!

  5. Try living in Wybunbury Nantwich where Vodaphone is the best signal, and that is gastly, my mobile is my business and I can’t get calls or texts most if the time, it’s ridiculous and something needs to be done.

  6. Matt Blandford says:

    Government want to force mobile companies to share masts to cover black spots in coverage but funnily they don’t want to. Perhaps with that sharing the the good people of Nantwich wouldn’t have been without a signal as the other carriers could’ve picked up the load whilst vodaphone sorted it out

  7. Vodafone Customer says:

    Absolutely unacceptable from Vodafone; Chris is right, this has been going on for years and this will finally convince me to change service providers; I should have done it years ago.

    That said, in the not too distant past, over 140 households (yes, you know who you are… ) of Stapeley were out with their pitchforks petitioning against the erection of a vodafone mast on the south side of De Stapeleigh Way. By doing so, they caused the mast to be erected on the north side, significantly closer to Pear Tree School and in a much less effective location for transmission of signal! I am incredulous that the people of Stapeley now have the audacity to complain!

  8. Norma Thomas says:

    Well the signal problems have been last twelve months for me and if this doesn’t change I will be voting with my feet !!!!

  9. Chris McKeown says:

    Vodafone have had signal issues in Namtwich on and off for 4-5 years. When my contract ended with them in 2012 I moved to O2 and have had no issues. I see the same people on Twitter who moaned about the lack of signal all those years back are still complaining now. I guarantee they’re were not tied in to a contract longer than 2 years so only have themselves to blame for sticking with Vodafone.

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