ctchealthcare new movement rehab clinic

South Cheshire physiotherapy specialists ctchealthcare have opened a new rehab centre at their Nantwich clinic.

The new Movement Rehabilitation Centre, off Beam Heath Way, offers movement and dance classes and programmes.

It is designed to be personalised to clients’ specific goals and requirements to achieve life-changing results.

Managing director Rick Carter said: “The new centre offers the local community access to a wider range of health and wellbeing services hosted by our team of healthcare professionals.

“The new clinic particularly emphasises a range of free movement and dance classes and programmes to help our clients towards recovery.

“It’s not just as simple as pain and stiff joints and there are a host of other external factors that can act as barriers to recovery which can often be huge.

“We take factors such as time, demands, woking environment and personal circumstances into consideration.

“All therapists who deliver classes and programmes at the Movement Rehabilitation Centre are skilled and practiced in the art and science of their work!”

Helen Callaghan, consultant and specialist spinal practitioner, said: “Free movement and dance classes are great ways to overcome injury and encourage recovery and the new clinic offers a large studio to encourage free movement during classes.

“We don’t just issue our clients with an exercise regime, we get to know them, their inspirations and frustrations so that we can guide and mentor them through their recovery.

“Our clients can expect our physiotherapists to help address a full range of elements, both physical and mental to help them get back to full fitness, giving them a new lease of life!”

The new services ctchealthcare offers include spinal reconditioning classes, pilates classes, yogo classes and NIA classes.

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