green garden waste bins (pic by Elliot Brown, Flickr creative commons)

Nantwich residents are being warned that household green waste is about to be suspended for the winter.

Cheshire East Council say the suspension between December 8 and February 13 (inclusive) will save taxpayers money.

The shutdown aims to reduce carbon emissions by cutting down on the use of vehicles and make better use council resources over the coldest months of the year.

Residents are being urged to check the council’s website and online calendar for the date of their last collection in 2014 and the first collection of 2015.

Blue stickers are being attached to bins to make the public aware of the customary annual suspension of service.

Household-recycling centres such as Pyms Lane in Crewe will remain open for green waste.

Cllr David Topping, Cheshire East Council Cabinet member for service commissioning, said: “Suspending the garden waste service over the winter makes complete sense as demand at this time of year is very low and the council can make much more efficient use of its resources.

“The council consulted residents about the proposed winter shutdown as we were keen to hear their views about the timing and length of the shutdown and their preferred method of communication.

“More than 2,500 responses were received and the council has listened carefully to those views when finalising the details of this year’s winter suspension. I would like to thank all residents for their co-operation.”

Householders can visit for more information about the winter shutdown.

(Pic: garden waste bins, by Elliot Brown, Flickr creative commons)


  1. Just how much waste is there in the garden now?! Any leaves can go into the compost bin, I save my empty bin to store the flower tubs protected from frost, so that some plants flower again next year.just who loads a car with garden waste and goes to the tip these days? Put your feet up and have a coffee!

  2. RON HAVENHAND says:

    This is total garbage! Topping says it makes sense. Garbage! It cuts carbon emissions, they say. Garbage! Residents have to use their cars to take their waste to recycling centres – so it probably increases carbon emissions. It saves taxpayers money, they say. Please tell me how. I will have to make about 20 return trips (8 miles per trip) to dispose of my waste which the council charges me for collecting. The council saves money at the expense of taxpayers. Complete farce. The winter months produce more garden waste than any other time of the year. If they want to cut collections, do it in March-April when winter waste is over and gardens are dormant.

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