John Knight, Cheshire East Green Party

The Green Party has welcomed plans to turn South Cheshire into a potential hub for geothermal energy.

Surveys and drilling is set to take place in the Cheshire Basin north of Nantwich.

It comes after an announcement this week that Government funding was secured by Cheshire East Council to work with Keele University on the project.

Although the Greens welcomed the news, they are also called for other forms of power to create energy for homes and businesses.

John Knight (pictured), of the Cheshire East Green Party, said: “The party welcomes the plan to explore the feasibility of geothermal energy at Leighton.

“This could make a valuable contribution to securing our energy supplies indefinitely.”

He warned that any works should safeguard Leighton Brook and the Weaver, that visual and audible impacts on the landscape are minimised, and the local community is consulted and kept informed.

“Energy security means switching to renewables,” he added.

“As well as geothermal, Cheshire East has considerable potential for water-power.

“We could have community hydro-electric schemes the length of the Dane and the Bollin, like we see on the Goyt at New Mills and Stockport.

“We could be making much more of the windy hills of the Cheshire Peak; anaerobic digestion could convert food- & farm-waste into biogas.”

Mr Knight also said The Greens welcomed the news that fracking would not be promoted in the borough.

“Any technology based on fossil fuels is ultimately doomed,” he added.

“Fracking is particularly unwelcome, as not only are shale gas and coalbed methane finite and non-renewable, but the extraction process involves pumping some extremely toxic chemicals into the ground which, once they get into the water-table, render it permanently undrinkable.

“The other side of the energy equation is reduction.

“It takes less energy to heat well-insulated homes and business premises; more efficient industrial processes use less.

“Re-localised economies would mean not only improved community cohesion, but less energy used in commuting and transporting goods long-distance.

“The less energy we use, the less dependent we are on distant supplies.”

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  1. I live nearby & think this a good idea as long as it is done with great care!

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