Shavington Pantomime, Voyages of Sinbad

It’s easy to be a little bit skeptical about pantomimes.

It may be an unfair generalisation, but an easy one to make having spent time as an usherette whereby I ended up seeing the same show at least 50 times.

So it was more than a pleasant surprise to settle down in at the Shavington Village Festival Committee’s annual pantomime and remember that they can be really very good indeed – especially when you’re not the one selling the ice creams during the interval!

The Pantomime Voyages of Sinbad is not your average village production.

Throughout Sinbad’s treacherous journey towards the Island of Enchantment, the audience is treated to a myriad of special effects, as well as to a few less welcome surprises.

Be aware – either avoid the front row, or remember to wear your waterproofs!

The cast is large, with ages ranging from 8 years old to 70+.

It’s a testament to the director that the little ones are just as impressive in their roles as the adults, and it’s amazing how much choreography the kids have managed to learn.

Credit is due to Angela Snell, who has obviously put a huge amount of work into the routines.

It’s without a doubt Ali, Sinbad’s haphazard brother played by Adam Goode, who gets the most laughs.

With his pet camel, Sally, in lieu of the traditional pantomime horse, he interacts with the crowd like a pro.

His scenes with Ayesha, the evil sorceress played by Lindsey Norman, are especially fun.

Incidentally, Lindsey Norman’s cackling performance is second-to-none, and worth the ticket price alone.

Music plays a big part in making this performance as successful as it is, and children will be thrilled when they hear their favourite Disney tracks sung by an onstage princess.

The live band that accompanies the majority of the songs really ensures the performances on stage are full of energy.

Sinbad has everything you could want from a family friendly pantomime, and it’s also full of surprises that will delight kids and adults alike.

It’s clear everybody involved in the production has worked incredibly hard to put this show together.

I’ll look forward to what the group has to offer next year.

The Pantomime Voyages of Sinbad is on at Shavington High School from February 17 to 21.

For ticket details visit

Voyages of Sinbad, Shavington Village Festival

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