Nantwich hearing centre, Alan and Helen Jackson

A Nantwich family has opened the town’s first specialist centre for hearing health.

Alan and Helen Jackson opened Nantwich Hearing Centre on the Cocoa Yard after discovering there was no dedicated audiology facility.

The couple, who moved to Nantwich 11 years ago and have three young children, gave up their previous careers to launch the centre which they hope will provide an essential service, particularly for Nantwich’s ageing population.

Alan is an experienced audiologist who was working for Bloom Hearing, a national company, at a clinic in Nottingham for many years.

But fed-up with travelling and spotting the need for a service in Nantwich, they began exploring the potential.

“He is very passionate about his profession but wanted a better work/life balance so started to explore the possibility of setting up his own centre locally,” said Helen.

“He was also very aware there was no audiology facility in Nantwich five days a week. There is some occasional provision in opticians, but no dedicated facility.”

Helen worked in HR with companies such as Northern Foods, Eden Vale in Minsterley in Shropshire, and then at Congleton Borough Council.

She will be working with her husband for four days a week.

“We are a private service and provide another option to those who do not want to go down the NHS route for hearing assessments, hearing aids or wax removal,” she added.

“We are completely independent, and have access to the very latest digital technology.

“Our aftercare provision sets us apart from others in the industry as we provide our customers with regular follow up appointments and continued support as they adjust to their new hearing system.”

Nantwich Hearing Centre, Cocoa Yard

Nantwich Hearing Centre is a certified clinical ear car centre, as recognised by the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

It offers treatments such as wax removal appointments without the long waiting time often experienced if go via your GP!

“We also specialise in custom hearing protection for musicians and those working in the music industry and for shooting and motor racing enthusiasts!” added Helen.

During Deaf Awareness Week next week, the couple will be working with Ableworld in Nantwich to raise awareness of the impact of hearing loss and how it can be treated.

Alan will be in the Ableworld store next Thursday May 7 from 11am to 2.30pm to talk to customers about hearing loss concerns, current hearing systems or any aspect of hearing health.

You can contact Nantwich Hearing Centre on 01270 611212, email [email protected], and visit

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