The Coppice, plan for apartments

A Nantwich councillor has called in an application to build apartments on a former tennis court next to Brine Leas School.

Markden Ltd wants to redevelop the derelict Coppice Tennis Club on Audlem Road, Nantwich, and build two pairs of semi-detached properties in The Coppice.

But the proposed access is on a bend by the busy traffic light junction where Audlem Road meets Peter de Stapleigh Way.

The junction is also busy every morning and afternoon at school drop off and pick up time with Brine Leas just a few yards away.

In a report to Nantwich Town Council, councillors raised concerns about the design of the proposed apartments.

Clerk Ian Hope suggested the design was “related more to the architectural style of the school buildings at Brine Leas rather than the houses nearby”.

Nantwich Mayor Cllr Andrew Martin told the meeting he had “called in” the application due to the access issues.

This means the application is now likely to go before a council committee as opposed to being delegated to planning officers.


  1. I beleive there is a covenant on the land that means it can only be used for purposes which are of public benefit. It should therefore either be a tennis club, small park as someone here suggested or given over to the school

  2. Access is possible via the interior origional school road and could be leased to the apartment complex.
    A modern apartment block would be a refreshing change from all the pastiche Tudor/Georgian boxes currently being passed as modern houses, why are these the only choice these days?!

  3. Well may not be the best site in the world, but good to see someone building houses that arent the norm..
    For that reason alone I think it should go ahead, the town is full of houses that are built in the achitectural style of the first half of the 20th century.
    Bravo for trying to break the mould.

  4. One persons derelict land is another’s oasis for greenery and wildlife. Once developed, it will never be returned to plants. Lost forever. Where possible, plans for towns should include open green spaces to allow the public to benefit from it. What Nantwich is desperate for is more homes on the existing road network and infrastructure… not. You can’t cycle on the roads without fear od being hit due to the traffic, and pedestrians can’t cross, so I oppose this plan. Make a nice small park with some benches.

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