Cheshire East over pothole claim in Weston

A Nantwich driver whose car was badly damaged by this massive 4ft-long pothole, said he was refused compensation because Cheshire East Council told him the road was fine!

Kevin Tew’s car suffered £150 damage when it plunged into this 5in-deep, 18in-wide “bunker” on a bend on Main Road in Weston.

He took a picture of the damage and the offending potholes two days later and applied for compensation.

But he was stunned when he received a reply from Cheshire East four weeks later, which said the road had been checked 12 days before his incident and was deemed “satisfactory”.

Now he has vowed to take the authority to court after facing a bill for almost £150.

Kevin said: “I filled in the claims form for the damage which was not an easy process.

“Four weeks later, they sent me a letter saying my claim was unsuccessful as they had checked the road three times in a 12-month period and it was last checked only 12 days prior to me hitting it and the road was satisfactory on that date.

“The first hole was about 5 inches deep, 18 inches wide and over 4ft long.

Cheshire East over pothole claim, Main Road in Weston

“I’m not happy about being knocked back from the claim. The size of the hole was more of a golf bunker!

“I could hit six or more large pot holes a month and they could keep causing major damage to my vehicle, but I have to get it repaired to make sure my car is roadworthy but I can’t afford to keep doing that.”

The damage to Kevin’s expensive alloy wheel on his Skoda superb cost more than £135 to fix.

Damaged wheel - Cheshire East pothole claim 1

Kevin’s damaged tyre

“What’s not stopping me hitting another one and having to pay again?” he added.

“The state of the roads are dangerous.

“Vehicles are being forced into swerving around erratically to dodge holes which are only seen last minute.

“God knows what it must be like for cyclist and motorbike riders?”

Meanwhile, other road users say temporary pothole patching repairs are barely lasting a few weeks.

This one (below) at the junction of Cheerbrook Road and Wybunbury Road in Willaston was repaired only six weeks ago.

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said: “As the particular case referred to is the subject of potential legal proceedings it would be inappropriate to comment on the matter.”

Pothole - Cheerbrook Rd at junction with Wybunbury Rd


  1. The councils do not give a damn. When was the last time any of them did the job they are paid to do? The bullies have now discovered if they just blanket refuse all and sundry then the majority of people will have neither the will nor the inclination to pursue them. Its scandalous and they shouldnt be allowed to get away with ripping us off. if cuts have to be made then they should not put society at risk. far better to get rid of the lardarse Councillors on fat cat salaries doing nothing for their salary. It is costing lives. But ultimately remember its we who vote for this trash and we reap what we sow.

  2. The condition of the roads around here is discusting. You might not instantly damage your car by hitting one, but the damage done to our cars longterm we will never know. I regularly swerve to miss potholes and have nearly collided with a vehicle doing the same coming the other way. I also ride a motorbike and these holes are deadly. What also bothers me is, I’m constantly looking for these potholes, which we shouldn’t have to do, as it takes some of the concentration away from looking where we’re going.

  3. What the council need to understand is that these potholes might damage your car but not to the extent the driver knows about. Then at some point up the road you brake hard and the suspension collapses which could cause the car to swerve into on coming traffic or a queue of people. In other words the damage could compound up to become a major incident

  4. Who is the inspector, Stevie Wonder

  5. Same thing happened to me make sure you get somebody else to report it before you make a claim that way they should not be able to refuse your claim

  6. Jo drydon says:

    You do have to take extra care after a cold snap, these potholes are everywhere, just slow down so they can be spotted easily

    • You cant miss them if they are close together! Even at 20 mph,such as Broughton rd near me! Many roads are deteriorating rapidly ,even repairs are breaking up after a couple of weeks!

  7. Richard Evans says:

    No street lighting if a motor cyclist or cyclist hit those pot holes they would be thrown off. They are life threatening Cheshire East are dodging there responsibility.
    What happens to the money raised from parking fines because that money is not supposed to be put into council budget.

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