Nantwich bus service run by D&G

Bosses of D&G Buses are scrapping the only direct service between Nantwich and Leighton Hospital.

Angry customers say the move to end the no. 78 service will leave many facing much longer journey times, having to travel to Crewe Bus Station and then changing to get a second service to the hospital.

In a statement on its website, the company said the decision was taken as “this service is no longer commercially viable”.

The no. 78 currently leaves from Nantwich Bus Station every hour Monday to Friday, the first service at 9.05am and the last one departing at 2.05pm.

It calls at Market Street, Beam Street, Park View, Birchin Lane, Crewe Road, Church Lane, Valley Road, Wistaston Green Road, Capesthorne Road, Moreton Road, Queens Park Drive, Victoria Avenue, West Street, Sunnybank Road, Pyms Lane, Minshull New Road and Smithy Lane before arriving at the hospital 25 minutes after departure.

One Nantwich service user Phil Dodd said: “I’ve used this service a few times.

“This means that to get to the hospital from Nantwich by bus, people will firstly have to get a bus to Crewe bus station, then get a second bus from there to the hospital returning the same way.

“This seems unfair because there will still be direct bus services to the hospital, with D&G Bus and Arriva, from Sandbach, Alsager, Winsford, Northwich, Middlewich, Holmes Chapel, Congleton and Crewe!”

New bus timetables and routes were introduced on April 1 this year after a public transport review by Cheshire East Council.

An updated Crewe and Nantwich public transport map was released by the council, including the no.78 service.

We have contacted D&G buses but they have so declined to comment.

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said: “The 78 service is not subsidised by the council. Decisions about this route are made by the operator and not determined by the local authority.

“We are disappointed with the operator’s decision to withdraw the service and recognise the loss of the bus service between Nantwich and Leighton Hospital.

“However, passengers can continue to travel between Nantwich and Leighton Hospital by taking the 39, 84 or 85 to Crewe Bus Station and then the 6, 12, 31 or 42 to Leighton Hospital.”


  1. Steve Jones says:

    Several years ago the management of Leighton Hospital said they weren’t going to increase parking as people should be encouraged to use public transport. And that was when you had a small chance of finding a space. Leighton management seems to not understand they are dealing with sick people and now with poorer and poorer bus services its becoming an all day excursion for a ten minute appointment.
    Poor service from both the hospital senior management and the bus companies.

    • The hospital management have no say over bus services Unless the hospital is willing to find the money subsidise a particular service, there is little they can do.

      As for car parking, the hospital would live to buy up the fields surrounding the hospital for expansion, but the owners will not sell. They know they will get many times more money once planning permission is granted to build houses on them, which surely is only a matter of time.

  2. John Brough says:

    Well, many thanks D&G buses. Scrapping a vital bus service to Leighton Hospital.
    Going by car to the hospital is a waste of time because there is not enough car parking spaces, So buses are the answer – or they were.
    Hopefully Arriva, who also cover the 78 bus route, will increase the times they provide the service.
    Depending on your appoint time, getting to the hospital can already take over an hour because you have to catch an earlier bus. An example: 1.15pm appointment means catching the 12.06pm bus.
    The service has been more or less on time lately, but at one time the service at, say, 12.06pm didn’t come before 12.20pm. No chance of being at Leighton on time.
    And to think that you could once catch a bus to the hospital via Middlewich Road and get there in 15 minutes! Not all round the houses as happens now. And not via Crewe.

  3. Susan Jones says:

    Well to get to Nantwich from Shavington you now have to get 12 to Crewe then either a 1 (D&G) or Arriva 84 to Banteicb sk what’s the difference? If people aren’t using it then it won’t run

  4. Evan Pugh says:

    We live in Queens Park Drive (Victoria Avenue) There is no way we can get to the hospital which we need to a lot. You have taken the 42 off so cannot get to town either to get a hospital bus. We have limited mobility, so are completely stranded. Thanks a lot.

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