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Police have launched an investigation into suspected illegal fox hunting near Nantwich after a fox was found dead.

Officers say they received reports of a fox being killed at a hunt on land at Hack Green, near Nantwich, at around 3pm today (February 5).

In a statement, Cheshire Police said: “At around 3pm we were notified that a fox had been killed during a hunt in Hack Green, near Nantwich.

“Wildlife officers have attended the scene and an investigation into the circumstances has been launched.

“We are fully committed to thoroughly investigating this incident and will bring to justice anybody found to have broken the law.”

The probe follows a similar alleged incident near Chester last month, when police dropped the investigation.


  1. Are you prohunt by any chance. Hunting is illegal so there’s more than likely a crime committed, investigate is what police do and it will be a wildlife crime unit, different budget, different officers who will most likely not be investigating other specific crimes anyway ..don’t worry, your taxpayers coin is being spent in the correct way, trying to get lawbreakers nicked! I guess you’re the same bloke who says have they not got anything better to do than catch speeding drivers!

  2. Better ways to spend your time on,what next an investigation into all road kill.

    I don’t agree with hunting but please can we show a little common sence,and not overreact,there is a lot more serious crime happening.

    • It’s criminal that the police turn a blind eye and choose which crimes they investigate, the law is the law and should be upheld regardless! The biggest crime is the police dereliction of duty and stealing tax payers money.

  3. Kathryn Johnson says:

    Hope they catch whoever did this to the poor animal. I hope to God they don’t drop the case like Chester!! There’s going to be a community backlash if these scumbags are not dealt with by the full force of the law.

  4. Fully Investigate ? I suppose Foxes are more important than LGBG firefighters or is it just another waste of money

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