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It might be Christmas, but it won’t be long before we all start thinking about escaping to the sun!

Holidays can be an exciting but stressful time for humans and pets alike.

If your family gathers in your home, a quiet place for your pet can help reduce their stress.

Everyone entering and exiting should be aware not to let the pet out.

However, if the gathering is in someone else’s home, you may not feel comfortable leaving your pet with a dog sitter or kennel.

Assuming you have the host’s permission, traveling with your pet can add another layer of stress.

A checklist of things to do and essentials to pack can make the holiday smoother for everyone.

Pre-Travel checklist for pet owners

Once you’ve decided to bring your pet, the next big decision is how you’ll get your pet to your final destination.

The means of transportation will greatly affect the preparation involved.

Traveling by car or train has fewer restrictions than traveling by plane, but still requires some planning.

The following incidentals should be taken care of in advance.

Secure the pet’s passage if flying. Not all airlines allow pets and even fewer allow them to fly in the cabin with their owners.
Private jets can allow pets, however, it is worth bearing in mind that frequent flying can be costly without a jet card.
Restrictions can include weight limits and numbers of pets allowed on one flight.
Do your research on the airline’s pet policy before booking your flight.

Research pet-friendly hotels at the destination. You may be traveling a long distance from home and staying in a hotel instead of with family.
As with airlines, not all hotels allow pets. Those that do often require an additional deposit.
Don’t risk sneaking your pet into the room and hoping for the best.
Know in advance pet-friendly hotels that are both along the route and available at the final destination.

Ensure the safety of pets while traveling by using a carrier. Whether you’re flying or driving, you will likely need a way to keep your pet secure while traveling.
Most airlines require pets to be in carriers if they are allowed to fly in the cabin.
Unsecured car travel is dangerous to both pets and humans in the vehicle.
You should think about preparing a travel dog crate for your canine.

Be aware of foods and holiday decor that are harmful to pets. You may get the impulse to sneak your pet some of the holiday tidings, but several types of holiday food are toxic for most pets, especially dogs.
Feeding your pet table scraps can also disrupt their regular meals.
Decor such as tinsel and poinsettias are deadly for pets.

Things to pack for the trip checklist

Once you’ve arranged transportation, your next order of business of packing for your pet.
These items are essential for travelling pets.

1. Provisions – food, bowls, collar and leash, treats.
2. Favorite Toys and Pet Bed – Your pet needs some comforts of home to decrease anxiety.
3. Pet Tag – your name, address and phone number should be on the information tags.

Preparation gives you peace (of mind)

More pets are lost during the holidays than at any other time of the year.

Distracted owners, unfamiliar people and surroundings can scare dogs into taking off.

The best way to prevent losing your pet is by preparing for their safe travel.

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