old chemist store on high street in nantwich - buildings

Empty shops and crumbling buildings are leaving “eyesore” sites across Nantwich town centre, it was claimed at Nantwich Town Council.

Councillors heard how empty and boarded up shops, as well as poorly maintained buildings, are leaving a bad impression of the town for visitors.

Peter Epton, from Nantwich Civic Society, called on councillors to exert pressure on landlords and building owners to tidy up the historic town centre.

Mr Epton, speaking at Thursday’s town council meeting, said: “We are increasingly concerned about the appearance of the town, and of the number of empty properties in the centre.

“Such as the former chemist in High Street, the old Union pub, the RBS bank, and now with Bridgfords surrounded with scaffolding.

“Several other buildings are in poor condition, those to the right of the Bookshop, and The Gables in Beam Street.

“In addition to that, there are many examples of shop fronts with extremely poor window displays – The Works, B&M, AbleWorld, WHSmith.

“Most of the roads and pavements are extremely poor. It all gives an untidy and uncared for impression of the town.

“This is a town we consider a tourist and visitor attraction.

“The repairs carried out by Cheshire East Council are extremely poor. Most people perceive a lot of what CEC does is a waste of time and money.

“Is there anything Nantwich Town Council can do to improve the situation, and what help can volunteer groups do to help the town centre?”

Cllr Peter Groves said he had discussed many of the issues with Nantwich Civic Society.

“We’ve had a conversation about the building where the chemist used to be,” he added.

“It’s unlikely the owner of that building will be spending money on the frontage.

“But every time I walked past the former chemist I groan – it’s really becoming an eyesore.

“The Civic Society is prepared to put some grant towards placing some attractive vinyls on the front of the building.

“The town council has written a stiff letter to owners of the former Union and RBS buildings asking them to improve their appearance.”

Cllr Arthur Moran hinted that the RBS bank building on Pillory Street had now been sold but no details emerged as to the buyer.

former chemist shop on high street in nantwich
Empty stores – Former chemist on High Street


  1. Don’t forget the shocking signage, the two new barbers on Beam Street are such an eyesore, shouldn’t be allowed. The Town Council surely must approve these? This is often the first street people see in the town centre. Abysmal looking, it’s not West Street, it’s a historic market town!

  2. Swine Market is the hell hole of Nantwich.

  3. McDonald’s, eh? Seen in all the best towns. The thing that people liked most about Nantwich was the absence of ‘any high street’ outlets and the fact that there are (or were) lots of unique individual shops. Still, if that makes Nantwich ‘backward’, so be it.

    • Any high street outlets ? Where are you looking obviously not spec savers
      There are everywhere .

      • Obviously there are some. And I’m talking about a few years ago; pre-Costa, Subway, Pizza Express, Fatface, Joules etc. It was always the thing people said they liked about the town (although, to be fair, most of them didn’t actually live here).
        I’m still not regretting the lack of a McDonald’s though.

  4. David Lancaster says:

    I moved away from Nantwich due to work commitments a few years back, upon returning and spending a few days around the town it is clear how things are deteriorating. Nantwich needs to force landlords to improve buildings before we end up with a situation like the one in Stoke, where landlords let a grade 2 listed building become unsafe so it had to be demolished (probably so they can redevelpe the site) and all the receive was a £1200 fine


  5. All they care about in Nantwich is pleasing visitors some of us have to live here sick of the please the newcomers and visitor mentality and to hell with those who have to live here no cinema no Mcdonalds backward little town

  6. Barbara Skillen says:

    Houses which have been left virtually derelict in Mill Street are an absolute disgrace. We have to litter pick the Bowyers Row car park ourselves now, because the new management neither clean it, nor do they light it at night – pitch black and surely dangerous. I totally agree, too, about the state of the empty town centre shops – they give a dreadful impression of the town.

  7. The pavement outside Subway and Boots is an absolute disgrace. Makes me feel sick looking at its grubby slabs with food and chewing gum smeared everywhere.

  8. As a newcomer I see the centre needs a nightlife that’s social more than pubs. Restaurants arent in centre Street. There needs to be greater tenant mix if possible. The b&m , betting shop, poundland culture is appearing like cheadle .. Wich had now died a death as a village.

  9. Romazzino’s is a fine example of what dsn ve achieved, and represents a wonderful addition to the town.

  10. They need to make the prices of renting the shops affordable too, especially to encourage new businesses that are helping the environment. The Store is a prime example. A great idea but they could only afford a place outside of the town. We should be encouraging this kind of thing and making it possible for them to thrive. Instead they have had to close. Such a shame.

    • Wasn’t the “Store” supposed to be a traveling van? The last thing they need is a shop, that defeats the purpose of being “local” The problem is the business rates not the Landlords, many landlords allow low or free rent so the property ticks over, the building is heated, the property is kept tidy and maintained.

  11. Enzos benches and tables outside are also rotted. Look disgusting . There should be a better standard required for Town Centre !

    • The former outside tables and chairs were much better than the benches. No the hedt change, in my opinion.
      The tall table on the inside is also a change for the worse as it’s often difficult to mount and dismount the stools.

  12. Enzos Cafe front ( beautiful woodwork and Door )
    has been allowed to deteriorate to completely rotted. The leaseholders know but just dont care. They refurbished inside but left the Frontage out. Looks like a tatty Barn and they just dont care ! Profit at a price to our Town. Shouldn’t be allowed.

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