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If you often feel like your job is the main source of stress in your life, the easiest solution is to quit.

But, why would you do that?

In most cases, stress can be avoided if a person works on improving their organisational skills.

It is as simple as that.

Read the list below and help yourself become a better employee, team leader or a person, starting from today.

Write on a Daily Basis
Feeling overwhelmed is the feeling every employee is very well aware of.

Write the tasks for the day on a piece of paper to help your brain process the information easier.

An office without papers is not an office at all, but try to keep the labeled documents in a separate drawer, not on the desk.

Time management and organization are workplace essentials which minimize your stress.

It is not too time-consuming to have it all written down, if that is your biggest concern.

Furthermore, repeating the writing process over and over again, crossing off the things you already did and jotting down the time it took you to accomplish a task, can become a habit that can increase your work efficiency.

Take a Necessary Short Break
Taking a well-deserved break doesn’t make you less of an employee.

In fact, even a two-minute break from work can boost your productivity and increase your motivation.

Walk for a few minutes, eat healthy, or even do some light exercise to lift your spirit, so you can get back to your daily obligations with more joy.

Even project managers, whose job is to have everything under control, need to relax in order to show good judgement.

If you are under pressure, it is highly likely that you will take it out on others which has a negative impact on the work environment.

Another way to eliminate stress at workplace is to socialize with colleagues.

It is easier when you know that someone is experiencing the same problems as you.

Clean the Office Space
De-cluttering the desk can have a psychological effect on your mind.

Organized desk equals an organized mind.

Not only will you actually be productive, you will also trick your brain into believing that you’ve successfully fulfilled your daily tasks.

A pile of unnecessary documents, a bunch of pens and a stack of unopened books can only cause you to feel more anxious and serve as a reminder for the unfinished tasks.

De-cluttering the workspace should be adopted as a practice – in fact, it is also good for your health since cleaning is a light physical activity.

So, at the beginning of the week, spend some time on cleaning the office, opening the windows and emptying your bin for a fresh start.

Whether you call your co-workers to the rescue, improve the cleanliness of your workspace, or keep a work journal, it is all a great start.

Over time, these small habits can help you develop your work potential.

What is your highly efficient and recommended strategy for lowering stress levels?

Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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