HGV jammed in Nantwich town centre 3

An HGV driver’s vehicle became jammed on Pillory Street in Nantwich, causing chaos in the town centre today.

These images show how the lorry was unable to move along Pillory Street in the town due to parked vehicles, including one on double yellow lines.

And with traffic piling up behind it, it had caused tailbacks all the way back to the station within minutes.

Police were called out to help the driver manoeuvre the HGV between cars parked on either side.

Bemused shoppers and pedestrians looked on in amusement for around half an hour.

One eye witness said: “The whole area was at a complete standstill for about 30 minutes!

“The red Audi was parked on double yellows, but the car on the other side was eventually moved so lorry could get through.

“It was chaos.”

(Images courtesy of Nantwich News reader)

HGV jammed in Nantwich town centre 1_censored

HGV jammed in Nantwich town centre 2


  1. Too many cars parked on double yellows, blocking pavements etc and these aren’t blue badge cars. What do the traffic wardens and police actually do in our town?

  2. No one has mentioned the traffic warden, they seemed to be absent from these reports!

  3. Not a clever place to park on a corner and facing the wrong side

  4. Silly dabber says:

    Trash the red car, badge or not it shouldnt be there.

  5. Who did he have delivery for?

  6. To many badges in cars with no disabled person in the vehicle

    • How do you know there is no disabled person in vehicle???? I have a blue badge as I have multiple sclerosis, my legs start to burn after walking a little hence the need for a blue badge, but I don’t look disabled, you would never guess anything is wrong with me. So please tell me how you would know by looking at someone that they’re not disabled?? If they have a badge then who are you to question it? Ignorance springs to mind!!!!!!!!

  7. I hope the Audi driver got a ticket… I can see his disabled badge on the dashboard but that isn’t a license to cause an obstruction… Too many blue badge holders in Nantwich seem the believe that they can just leave their cars anywhere they please…

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