aerial view of Nantwich town centre during lockdown

Dear Editor,

I am disgusted with the general public in Nantwich and surrounding areas.

I live on a main road in Nantwich and I have stood in my window and watched the amount of cars and pedestrians going past each day.

This week beginning 27th April 2020 and you wouldn’t think there was a lockdown in operation it is crazy.

If we don’t start taking this situation seriously we will be in lockdown for months and a lot more people will die.

Get a grip people and please please take it seriously.

P Lightfoot


  1. D. Thomas says:

    I said at the start of lockdown I would never go into shops again, because I felt this crisis would not disappear this year at all.
    If I walk and see people heading towards me I take a different route, all my shopping is delivered or I order on line, plus I am using farmers for meat milk eggs directly chatwins for bread pies cakes and flour, and Clems for boxes of fruit and veg all delivered since the end of Feb when I realised I needed a plan B
    I have learn’t three things
    1/ the local foods are brilliant
    2/ People are selfish or too thick to understand the danger we are in
    3/ My garden can look brilliant if I spend all day in it!!

  2. John says:

    I think the point is getting lost, some people have to go out more often than other for various reasons, keyworkers doing their shopping when they can, people going to work or school, even those unable to carry lots of shopping and have to go out more than once. We all have sympathy for those people they have no choice. I don’t think we can judge by the number of people out and about.

    Many people in Nantwich are adhere to social distancing but the criticism is about the people who don’t care or don’t understand or those who are just tired of the restrictions.

    The ones who had a barbecue then didn’t understand why their neighbour was unhappy. “We were all from the same postcode” he exclaimed, or the people who still leave their kids with their grandparents while they sit in the garden, on occasion or the family who disappeared for the Easter weekend or the ones who stand in their front gardens barely half a metre away from the passers-by as they chat, even the ones who pop out daily for essential items when it is possible to get them in one go. Then there are the people in the supermarket who lean over you to reach something or brush past and don’t even try to keep a social distance and groups in the street even don’t try to avoid you when they easily can. The irony is these same people will be out on Thursday night clapping while spending the rest of the week increasing their burden.

    It’s impossible but if no one went out the virus would run out of people to infect and die. The more people that go out and the more the virus will spread and the more people will die. Even in Nantwich!

    If you don’t have to go out don’t, if you do have to go out, go out exercise, shopping, work, and stay safe and respect others but don’t invent reasons to go out because you think it’s allowed.

  3. K Summer says:

    The police have told my neighbour who called to complain about another resident in our street, that it’s impossible for them to police it as they’re too busy so the person in question can pretty much do whatever they want. The police have done NOTHING but sit in their cars in lay by’s and side roads waiting for their shift to end. God forbid they should actually pull their finger out and do some work. They’d rather let it slide than fill out the paper work. It’s a disgrace and an embarassment.

  4. Scott Heaton says:

    Can I just say ask that you leave picking up on other people’s spelling and grammar mistakes to one side and focus on the real issue here. There are lots of key workers, shoppers and daily exercise go-ers who need and are ‘allowed’ to be out and about. Even in a small town like Nantwich that can mean it’s busy at times. But when we are ‘out and about’ it is vitally important that we maimtain social distancing and social cleanliness rules. We are not out of the woods yet by a long way. Recently I shopped for essentials at Morrisons – you would think that social distancing rules did not apply to Morrison shoppers! On several occasions, I had to turn my head away as one after another passed by me only inches away. One was even a pregnant lady leaning in to get some fruit from a shelf… Wake up people… 7 weeks into lockdown and you’re still not getting it.

  5. Phil says:

    As I type this message my neighbours in Crewe have invited their family round and are enjoying drinks in their back garden even though I am extremely vunerable with Stage iv cancer, they are so inconsiderate and told me to go to hell.

  6. Dave says:

    I am a key worker and fortunately or unfortunately, which ever way you want to look at it I have not had a single weekday off work since the lockdown.
    I do my weekly shopping late at night when it’s very quiet…..but the point I do want to make is, Crewe and Nantwich are slowly returning to normal life! The roads are busier, bicycle sales and walking boots must be an all time high….I drove down Crewe Road last Sunday and I lost count how many were running in the road to avoid people walking on the footpaths!
    If we don’t adhere to the lockdown, “We will pay for it,”!!!!
    It’s just typical UK really, very few now have any respect for others and take no notice of the law……blame human right activists for that!

  7. Nevyn says:

    Crewe and Nantwich has undoubtedly developed over the years.

    We have businesses working medical tech, growing call centers in the area and any number of other essential stuff.

    Sadly, we’ve also got those treating it like an extended holiday. A family not far from me have had family visits for barbecues etc.

    I’m a carer for my. 78 year old father who has health issues and I’ve problems of my own. When the nursing staff attend for my father, I ask them to use my sanitising materials to save theirs as I have stocks from the Tech industry I’m in.

    Thinking ahead is more essential than ever now. If we don’t act in unison and take this lightly, then those who care most will likely pay the price.

    Time to think of the future.

    Since my last comment numbers in Cheshire East are now up to 869,

  8. Anna says:

    If I’m one of those people you’ve seen driving past, perhaps you’d be interested to know that I’d much rather be safe at home, but have to go to work… I can’t work from home and am classed as a key worker. Theres a lot of us about, and I’m sure we’d all love to be able to stand at our windows and judge everyone else instead of putting ourselves at risk every day.

  9. Sam says:

    It appears that Mr or Mrs Lightfoot possesses no clear understanding of official guidelines. People are entitled to undertake a daily trip to buy groceries and go out for much needed exercise. So long as one maintains the necessary distance (which everyone is doing in Nantwich) what is the issue? I suggest you find something more constructive to do with your time as opposed to making judgments on residents doing what they are permitted to do. I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever of anyone in Nantwich not adhering to the official advice. This person really needs to step back and contemplate what’s important and that is we strive to be kind and thoughtful towards others, not judgmental and bitter. Ever heard of giving people the benefit of the doubt?

  10. Katie Jane says:

    I am completely supporting Nigel Imby’s reply. I couldn’t say it better myself and all that he stated is correct and makes sense. We all need to use our own individual common sense at this time and stop jumping to conclusions and critisizing others. I understand some folk haven’t got nothing else better to do but being a righteous trouble maker is going to help anything. Neighbours everywhere are back biting by reporting each other which is pathetic and cowardly, especially when it’s a petty report wasting police time!

  11. Julian says:

    I imagine at least some of the 17,000 residents of Nantwich need to either take exercise or do a little shopping from time to time. Would P Lightfoot like us to organise it so that we do it one at a time? Lightfeet for Lightfoot.

  12. Arthur says:

    Yes some people do not adhere to social distancing but the most part every one who is going out is either a keyworker, Community volunteer /carer for an elderly relative or going out for there exercise as long as everyone is 6 feet apart and doing the best they can i really don’t see the problem, as this is going to go on for quiet some time it’s a way of life now so to be honest as lock down is slowly lifted over the weeks you will see more activity around the local area and I think the people of Nantwich have been brilliant during this lock down time.

  13. If these people are struggling to stay indoors they should try shaving off their eyebrows and save lives

  14. Nevyn says:

    With Cheshire East having over 800 confirmed cases, people should think more.

    Testing is only showing around a tenth of the infected at the moment. If a quarter are asymptomatic, it explains why our numbers are still climbing after 5 weeks.

    In the ten towns around here, just think of the numbers you’ll be exposed to. After all, in Wuhans hospitals they are just finding the first indicators that it’s gone airborn.

    Whatever your opinion… take care

  15. AMANDA says:

    Learn to spell properly, its ALLOWED not ALOUD

  16. Sammie jo says:

    Your aloud to go out for walks and exercise and also your aloud to take your dogs out for walks and there is people like myself who care for the community and my daughter is attends school and they say you can only go out once a day but me being single parent I have to go out more than once I dont drive and have to go shopping or get bits from my local shop . as can’t carry a lot back .

    • Dave Robb says:

      “Your aloud”


      For goodness sake….

      “You’re allowed”

      • Sammie jo says:

        So people like me a keyworker and single parent how do you expect us to stay in I need to work to also care for our residents and also I have to still go out and do my every day living and don’t get any help

  17. I have broken my elbow and therefore have to walk and I cant do a big shop and have to go out sometimes daily to get essentials. There is no delivery slots.

  18. L Hogg says:

    I’m not sure if many folk realise but there are many businesses operational, these business require people to commute to and from their place of work as part of the economic system. I’ve seen many of my clients return to work this week and as a result there will be more movement out there, I think this will be the general trend going forwards.

    There are literally hundreds of key workers who are communicating that live in and around Nantwich, they don’t have a big sign on the roof of their car saying ‘key worker’ like a taxi of dominoes pizza delivery…… I live on a small close in Stapeley and there are several key workers on my road alone, I’ve never really thought until now but we have a number of Teachers, NHS staff, Care Home worker, charity support worker, critical supply chain worker who’s supporting manufacturing of medical devices, all commuting almost daily.

    On the whole I feel the people of Nantwich are adhering very well and respecting the measures.

    We have to be careful not to finger wag or nose gaze without understanding the facts, think of those out supporting the community.


  19. Ted Clarke says:

    Get a life old boy

  20. C Harrison says:

    We agree with your P Lightfoot … we noticed an massive increase in traffic outside our home on Wellington Road over the last week….The pedestrians too, we have noticed how within a matter of hours the same people were back and to, to the shops, I can say this as each time they had shopping bags on their return.
    Then again the next day. It’s a farce in some cases it really is.
    Today I had cause to go into work which I combined with my Hours exercise and my essential shop on the way home. There was a policeman on a bike in the square talking to a couple sat on a bench about people they knew … quite clearly holding a general conversation he didn’t appear to be hastening them to move on. So if the police are not enforcing the rules people will flout them.

  21. Darren says:

    I agree too, i often see the same people pass My house numerous times a day.

  22. Dave Morgan says:

    Some people are too thick, and selfish to realise the longer folk spend without social distancing in shops streets etc, stopping for chats, meeting up with friends the longer this goes on. Not looking forward to a cold wet afternoon in December and still being on lock down.At least we may be stuck at home but the weather lifts your spirits.

  23. Nigel Imby says:

    People are allowed to take up to an hour of daily exercise and to go to work if the work they do cannot be done from home. The important element is the maintenance of social distancing in order to minimise transmission of the virus. The presence of people on the pavements and in vehicles does not necessarily mean they are not taking ‘it seriously’.

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