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A Nantwich woman has described how she and two others in her party had to “jump for their lives” and were nearly knocked over on Pillory Street.

They said they were almost hit by a BMW car being driven down the ‘access only’ closed road today (June 20).

And the woman, who we have agreed not to name, said their visit to the town was “a horrible experience” due to traffic on the roads which are supposed to be closed.

She laid the blame firmly at the feet of Cheshire East Council for failing to enforce proper closures and “misleading” people.

And she fears it’s only a matter of time before a serious incident happens on one the closed roads.

The closures, as revealed by Nantwich News, were introduced on June 15 when non-essential shops were allowed to reopen as part of easing of lockdown restrictions.

The woman, who often does shopping for elderly residents, said: “I’m just appalled at what is happening.

“We were nearly bowled over by this BMW, we had to jump for our lives out of the way.

“Then we saw at least eight motorcyclists just parked up outside Pillory House eating and drinking.

“And on Hospital Street, I watched this posh-looking Cheshire couple emerge from a store with shopping and get into a big Range Rover and drive off! They clearly didn’t believe closures applied to them.

“I love this town to bits, was born here and lived back here since 1993. I will do anything to support local businesses in the current times.

“But over the past few weeks I’ve been so angry with Cheshire East.

“They are responsible here, they have given everyone the impression that these streets are now safe pedestrian areas for social distancing – they are far from it.

“I stopped a police patrol car a bit later to explain, and the officer told me the road closure is “advisory” only and not in any way enforceable.”

A senior police chief told Nantwich News the responsibility for “policing” the road closures falls with the local authority.

When asked if local officers should be used to monitor any breaches of the road closures, he said “no” and added: “It should be highways who are responsible for this.”

Cllr Laura Crane, Cheshire East cabinet member for highways, said previously that the temporary road closure measures were brought in on June 15 to “protect people and local businesses”.

She said: “While these temporary arrangements may disrupt the travel patterns of some residents and visitors, they are necessary to protect everyone, especially those who will be using the shops.

“We are being careful to implement the government’s measures alongside avoiding unnecessary disruption.

“The works are an important first step and these measures will be closely monitored and adjusted as necessary.”

Nantwich Town Council has asked individuals to air views about the new measures by sending a personal message via its Facebook page or commenting via the post on their Facebook page,
or by sending an email to [email protected]

For further information on temporary measures visit Cheshire East page here.

(Images by Jonathan White)

A car enters Pillory Street on 15th June 2020 despite the signage (1)
A car enters Pillory Street despite the signage


  1. Tom – Good letter until you say, how people exaggerate ? you then say viral infection slowly killing the population, that’s an even bigger exaggeration than the jumping for our lives.

  2. Totally agree,and there are not many shops open anyway,just be aware the roads are not closed,the area has not become a pedestrian only zone,you should only be on the road to give other people space,then get back on the pavement

  3. That’s very prejudiced against Range Rover drivers 😂 😂Tarring us all with the same brush, same as saying all teenagers are
    bad .
    We’re a Cheshire couple ( aren’t most people from Nantwich?) but don’t think we’re “posh”, and my husband has worked very hard to buy our car .I certainly don’t ignore the road closed signs. I have a Mum who relies on a wheelchair(though is rarely out at the moment except quiet times when my Dad takes her out for a change of environment) and a grandchild in a pram so I am very conscious of them navigating pavements ( a lot of them very uneven) whilst socially distancing. I might add we don’t think we’re superior either 😊

  4. Malcolm Harvey says:

    Those suggesting barriers etc have obviously never needed an ambulance of a fire engine. Get real people.

  5. Had to ‘jump for our lives’. Absolutely ridiculous – I love how people exagerate situations and put the blame on the local authority and the police. The road is closed and is open for access. This meaning pedestrians need to be vigilant and alert watching out for vehicles using the access. You will always get the odd few that take advantage of this. Such a shame that it ‘ruined there day’ think there are bigger issues here with a viral infection slowly killing the population so people need to get a grip and have some resilience.

  6. I drove thru the barrier on Beam St the other day, clearly much to the annoyance of two men who stood in the roadway, not on the empty footpath. My reason? To pick up my husband who has Parkinson’s disease, from outside the printer’s who had just collected a heavy box, but mostly because his condition had caused him to freeze, unable to walk. We had parked in front of the road closure sign (displaying his blue badge) and he had managed to walk to the printer’s but then got stuck, so I had to collect the car and drive to rescue him.
    Please don’t judge everybody when you have no knowledge of their circumstances.

  7. Was in town earlier today picking up medication up from boots parked on carpark by studio walking from there towards Boots & B&M swine market cars were driving both ways Beam St to Water-Lode / Water-Lode to Beam st barriers not at all giving a shit barriers been moved not full all across road then going back home along barony and guess what the travellers back on Barony Park

  8. William Poole says:

    Just put up a proper barrier. Problem solved.

  9. You can’t expect Range Rover drivers to take any notice of ‘access only’ signs! They’re far too superior for that.

  10. Sue Macey says:

    We too have had trouble with cars on Pillory Street and Hospital Street, not to mention around the outside stalls of the market. It needs properly sorting out not just during social distancing but permanently. I agree with Mike Docker – widen the pavement and narrow the road

  11. We were on Beam Street last Monday and some cars were still ignoring the closure signs. In addition, the Post Office vans were driving along the “closed” part, both to and from the Post Office Depot. A couple of ladies drove through the “closed” part and waved to their (pedestrian) friends. A few minutes later they drove back again the other way!

  12. Mike Docker says:

    Seems like everyone is passing the buck. Perhaps a better, permanent, solution, especially for the Morrison’s end of Pillory street would be to reduce the road width throughout to a single 3m wide lane using barriers on the Museum side of the street. this would provide ample width for pedestrians to maintain social distancing and to pass each other safely, without the fear of having to step out into the path of a vehicle. The street narrows to this width already adjacent to the museum and this would allow vehicles trio legitimately gain access without compromising pedestrian safely

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