Nantwich High Street, town centre, set for facelift

Dear Editor,

I strongly support those who want Nantwich small traders to be successful having been one myself in the past, but feel that those who are campaigning for free parking are not going in the best direction.

When I visit the car parks close to the town centre during the day I see that there are very few spare places.

This would indicate that the charges are not deterring visitors to the town.

If parking were to be free it would probably attract more visitors, but wouldn’t provide more places.

As a result those who currently use the car parks would need to get out earlier in order to grab a place before it was taken.

I can’t see that being very popular with current users. Or perhaps those who advocate free parking think we should start tearing down more of Nantwich town centre to provide the extra parking space. Car parks never beautify a town.

I think we should be more creative and look about the world to see what is happening elsewhere.

It is noticeable that the more individual towns and cities around the world restrict motor traffic the more popular they become, both for residents and visitors.

They become safer, quieter and cleaner places, the sort of places people feel more comfortable to be in.

As a result, surveys confirm, local small traders get a boost to their turnover.

Might I suggest that those who want to promote the wellbeing of the town concentrate on ways of making it easier for people to both live here and visit to do so without using a car.


Martin Bond


  1. tom whateson says:

    perfectly good football ground parking hardly used, why not shuttle in folk into town from there, mini land train sounds fun

  2. Mr Observant says:

    Mr Bond confuses me when he says, ” free parking will probably attract more visitors, (which is what we want) but wouldn’t provide more places? therefore the key is free parking will attract more visitors and we don’t need to find additional places as these places are being sought after and found it seems by the drivers themselves.

  3. Mr Bond is absolutely correct. Evidence from towns and cities around the world is that encouraging active travel and public transport is the way to draw in visitors and increase revenues. The architecture of Nantwich is its key selling point. Having cars parked all over the place detracts from that.

  4. Susan Withers says:

    Love lane fill up, but not being Th Crown or Boots. 70p an hour is ridiculous. Sandbach is free Alsager is free , market drayton 50p a day. I’m sure nantwich doesn’t need car park money

  5. What does Mr Bond suggest, horses and carts?
    How about a time limit on parking? 30 minutes free then a maximum stay of say 2hrs with no return within say 4hrs. That would avoid clogging the parking for long periods and ensure a turnover of visitors.
    Richmond in Surrey operate a 30mins free and it works well. Local shoppers who have to pay for town centre parking just drives them to out of town centres where parking is free. How is that going to be accepted by local town centres when their customers are driven away by parking charges.
    Observe what has happened in Crewe town centre.

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