Rowan male beaver - pic by Rachel Bradshaw

A Tarporley youngster has won a Cheshire Wildlife Trust competition to come up with names for two beavers introduced back into the wild.

They will be called Rowan and Willow – despite some entries suggesting more comical names such as ‘Beaver McBeaverface’ and ‘Justin Beaver’!

Almost 500 entries were received to name the pair of Eurasian beavers released into an enclosed site at Hatchmere Nature Reserve in Delamere Forest in November after being driven to extinction over 400 years ago.

Rowan (pictured, above) has been chosen as the name for the male beaver, which was submitted by Leo Spencer, aged nine, a pupil from Delamere C of E Primary Academy.

Leo said: “I chose the name after finding out Rowan was a type of tree that grows near water so one that the beavers in Hatchmere might cut down to make a dam.

“I hope I get to see Rowan and the female one day.”

Willow (pictured, below) has been chosen as the name for the female beaver, which was submitted by a member of the public.

The winning names were chosen by Kev Feeney, Hatchmere Living Landscape Officer, who is leading the beaver project at Hatchmere.

Kev said: “We were overwhelmed by the response to the naming competition!

“People had obviously put a lot of thought into their names and told us some really touching stories behind their choices, which were lovely to read.

“It was really difficult to choose but after lots of consideration and some help from the team at Cheshire Wildlife Trust, we picked Rowan and Willow.

“They’re both beautiful trees and I think they suit the beavers perfectly.

“We had so many great entries and some of the names were very clever and creative.

“We had some great puns and ‘Beaver McBeaverface’ and ‘Justin Beaver’ were suggested a few times!

“Rowan and Willow are continuing to settle in really well. Their lodge gets bigger every time I visit the enclosure.

“As always, people can check our website and social media for all of our updates can be part of bringing beavers back to Cheshire.

“Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our competition.”

Bringing beavers back to Cheshire is part of an ambitious five-year project that aims to prove beavers are fantastic for nature in the UK.

Wildlife Trust supporters have raised just over half of the £85,000 required, however £42,000 is still needed to look after the beavers and monitor the effect they’re having on Hatchmere’s wetlands.

Updates on how Cheshire’s beavers are settling in, including video footage, can be found on Cheshire Wildlife Trust‘s website

Willow female beaver - pic by Rachel Bradshaw
Willow female beaver

(Pics courtesy of Rachel Bradshaw)

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