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Following a plan from internet provider Openreach, work will soon be underway for the installation of a greater fibre network for homes and businesses in Nantwich.

Scheduled to begin in August of 2021, the fibre network is expected to see a gradual rollout until complete availability in late 2024.

Yet, despite how ubiquitous fibre is becoming as a means of internet connectivity, there’s still a lot of confusion about what the technology could bring, and that’s what we hope to elucidate for Dabbers today.

Faster Internet
The most obvious advantage of fiber internet comes from its capacity for higher bandwidth and lower latency than DSL-based solutions.

What this essentially means is that you will be able to download files much faster, and websites should react quicker following each mouse click or mobile tap.

For a quick reference here, the fastest speeds that connections like VDSL reach tend to be around 70 Mbps, while faster fibre can reach around 1Gbps.

This means that downloading an uncompressed 4K movie sized at 100 gigabytes would take and around 3.5 hours on VDSL, or 14 minutes on a fibre, according to

While this is a drastic difference, it should also be noted that not all users will see appreciable improvements from these speeds.

For example, a common use of the modern internet is to play on the types of casinos listed at

Despite utilizing cutting-edge tech, nothing about these casinos requires anything close to what fibre offers.

In fact, everything from reading reviews to collecting bonuses and playing games would work just fine on sub 10 Mbps connections.

For this reason, an upgrade to fibre probably won’t be necessary for speed reasons unless you’re already running data-intensive applications.

Better 5G Availability
One of the more appreciable side-effects of better fibre coverage is commensurate growths in 5G reach.

As an arm of internet access, 5G towers need to be hooked into high-speed connections at their base, which makes fibre a perfect fit.

While 5G is like fibre in that it won’t be immediately appreciable for everyone, it can still help massively in certain situations, as explores.

Lower Overall Internet Prices
The price of the internet is dictated by local infrastructure as much as anything else, so any changes to the local network can have downstream effects on existing plans.

In many cases, fibre in new areas becomes available at the same cost as older VDSL connections, making upgrades to the system a no-brainer.

For those who don’t need to upgrade, the appearance of fibre has often been followed by a decrease in the cost of existing DSL-based plans.

Since these systems couldn’t remain competitive otherwise, this can have a great effect on lowering your monthly bills.

Just be sure to check the plans from your provider regularly, as ISPs do tend to introduce new plans with lower prices, while not informing existing users.

Even if you’re happy with your existing internet plan, the development of more widespread fibre in Nantwich is poised to be a positive thing.

If you are curious about making the jump, then we’d suggest keeping an eye on the local infrastructure, as early fibre adapters can often have their installation subsidized by the ISP.

Until then, regular VDSL should serve users well until faster speeds become more of a necessity than an optional extra.

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