dog libby before attack in nantwich

Visitors to Nantwich spoke of their trauma after their dog was viciously attacked by an American Pit Bull type dog in the town.

Linda Blowfield and her husband were walking their retriever Libby near the Snow Hill car park when she was set on by the other dog.

They described how the pit bull, which was not on a lead, clamped its jaws around the neck of 11-yr-old Libby.

The couple and passers by all leapt into action to drag the animal off and save her.

The dog and its owner – a man in a hi-viz jacket – fled the scene in a van.

Linda said the incident at around 3.30pm yesterday (June 4) has left them traumatised.

They were visiting the town while holidaying on their narrowboat on the nearby Shropshire Union Canal.

puncture wound suffered by libby in pitbull attack
Puncture wound suffered by Libby

Linda said: “Libby is a very placid golden retriever.

“We were visiting Nantwich before heading home. We reported the incident to the police immediately.

“My dog was seen by Nantwich hospital vets and has two puncture wounds and two broken claws. She is on antibiotics and painkillers.

“It was an American pitbull dog with no lead – it just ran over and attacked her.

“It had its jaw clamped around her neck and was shaking her, she was on her back yelping and trying to get free.

“Some men ran to help and it took three men my husband and a lady to free my dog.

“Libby has sustained puncture wounds to her neck, cheek and ear. She’s also damaged two claws trying to free herself from his grasp.

“Thankfully, Libby is very placid and hopefully the incident won’t impact her. But other dogs may not be so lucky. What if it was a child?

“A lady who helped us said it was a American Pit bull. Light coloured dog. Quite stocky.

ripped ear of libby after attack“The van was mid size reg CJ61 FCF. The guy was skinny short hair. Hi-vis was half coloured dark with yellow white on it and letters CDW, we think.

“One lady took a photo of his number plate. Another lady took photos of the owner and dog.

“I would like to thank the group of people who helped us.

“We are on holiday and not local, one lady made a appointment to see her vet others helped wipe the blood from myself and Libby, others took photos of the man and got his car registration.”

Linda said when they reported the incident, police told her they would not be able to do anything as it was a “dog on dog” attack.

PC Matt Stonier, of Nantwich Police, said: “We are aware of the dog attack in Snow Hill Car Park which occurred at around 3.30pm on Friday 4 June.

“We have spoken to the owner of the injured dog and are making a number of enquires to locate the owner of the offending dog.

“Anyone with information should contact Cheshire Police on 101 or via the website quoting IML 1004845.”


  1. Repeatedly sets his dog up go attack other dogs. Probably training his dog for fighting.

    These attack are worse than organized dog fights, where the dogs both are at least both bred to kill dogs.

    DConfiscate the dog, charge the owner /handler with felony animal cruelty And found guilty, give him a ban on any dog ownership or contact, for life..

  2. This has apparently happened again this morning. Sounds like the same dog and the same person but this time he threw a ball at another dog for his dog to chase after. Be wary if taking dogs down the river.

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