aerial pic of new A51 bypass and spine road

These aerial images show construction continuing apace to build a much-needed spine road and bypass at Reaseheath in Nantwich, writes Jonathan White.

The work is part of the Kingsbourne development agreement, with developers funding the improved infrastructure in Nantwich.

McPhillips is developing the groundworks for the spine road and bypass onto the busy A51 near Reaseheath College

The spine road runs north/south through Kingsbourne and connects to the A51, B5074 Main Road, Nantwich Bypass and Barony Road at Reaseheath Roundabout, next to Reaseheath College Equestrian Centre and the River Weaver.

This spine road is the main vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist through route.

Aerial image of new A51 bypass and Kingsbourne spine road
Aerial image of new A51 bypass and Kingsbourne spine road

The Reaseheath bypass routes behind Reaseheath College Equestrian Centre and a small row of houses to join onto the A51 adjacent to Holly Farm, close to the Welshmen’s Lane/Wettenhall Road crossroads and Crewe Alexandra FC’s Reaseheath Training Complex.

The bypass is set to be open by February 2022, as reported by Nantwich News in April.

Challenges encountered by the McPhillips construction team include very high water table levels and associated ground conditions, along with the protection of water voles, badger setts and native trees.

On completion Kingsbourne will potentially consist of up to 1,100 dwellings, a new primary school, community facilities and local centre, allotments, recreational open space and associated landscaping, cycleways, footways and drainage infrastructure.

(Images courtesy of Jonathan White)

Kingsbourne spine road at Reaseheath Roundabout (2) (1)

Kingsbourne – Reaseheath bypass site entrance near Welshmen’s Lane-Wettenhall Road crossroads (2) (1)

Kingsbourne spine road at Reaseheath Roundabout (1) (1)

Kingsbourne – Reaseheath bypass site entrance near Welshmen’s Lane-Wettenhall Road crossroads (1) (1)


  1. jed thomas says:

    the awful sight of boring wooden fences and so few trees is an utter disgrace, time these builders looked abroad to see how other countries design and build to improve the area, not destroy field after field after hedgerow after forest, why is there a need for so many big houses anyway?

  2. Dr William Poole says:

    Welshmens lane allotments to be built on?

  3. George Beardsell says:

    Building shoddy overpriced hovels for middle management drones waiting to pay off their mortgage or die. Which comes first? Cheshire East should hang their heads in shame at allowing this garbage to be inflicted on our town

    • Yes rubbish for Stokies and out of towners…destroying the town. At least build more apartment complexes, take up less room.

      40-60mph road which connects to Chester A51, already busy heavy traffic there and already busy traffic on Waterloade especially during Malbank school’s finish time.

  4. Well said John.
    Nantwich has flooded twice in two years.
    More tarmac to absorb the rainwater.🤯

  5. John Cheshire says:

    Let’ hope they don’t forget to undertake the flood plain loss mitigation measures that are a formal condition within the Planning Permission !

  6. So that narrow road is where all the Chester bound traffic will go, looks like an accident black spot waiting to happen

    • Looks like a major traffic problem and disaster on a 40-60mph road. How will cars get in and out of that estate. The roundabout seems the only feasible option.

      The lack of common sense with these developers and planners confirms their stupidity to an even higher level.

  7. Used to be a nice public footpath!!!!!!!

  8. And we still have a tiny police station that is used as a break room, 2 fire engines and 2 doctors surgeries that are so full they’re literally not seeing patients at all any more and do everything on the website or over the phone.

    • Not to mention 2 secondary schools that already take pupils from a wide geographic area.

      • The planning is nonexistent and Nantwich town council and Cheshire East just yes to every house builder. Also 3-4 bed houses aren’t even what’s needed more 1-2 bedroom apartments that take up less space…

        They have ruined the town in many ways, idiots.

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