freezing conditions willaston - gritting letter

Dear Editor

Each day more and more residents are finding out that Winter Gritting is being cut from some of our rural and semi-rural roads.

They are only now realising how that will affect them and they are expressing their feelings of displeasure and outrage at this decision, taken recently, by Cheshire East’s Labour/Independent administration.

This is an issue I have consistently pursued and fought against since it was first proposed over two years ago.

Originally, two roads in my Wistaston Ward were due to be axed from the gritting routes.

Thankfully, after me highlighting the incredulity of even considering not treating Wistaston Green Road road there was a council rethink and it was removed from the proposal.

Colleys Lane, Willaston, however, was not so fortunate and it is no longer being gritted and so the fight to reinstate that one goes on.

At our recent Full Council Meeting, I took the opportunity to ask the following question of Deputy Leader of the Council, Independent Councillor Craig Browne who Chairs the Highways and Transport Committee:

“On behalf of all concerned residents and members I am respectfully and formally asking you if you will bring forward your review of this harsh and uncaring policy. Will you put it on your Committee’s Work Plan to be dealt
with immediately, before this year’s severe winter weather sets in.”

Cllr Browne’s response to me was that it was illogical to carry out a review of something that has not yet started and he was not keen on my words harsh and uncaring.

He said that a review was planned for March.

I strongly believe that Cllr Browne should grasp this window of opportunity, organise getting the review done immediately and put things right for our affected residents.

Reintroduction of Winter Gritting could go a long way to restoring the Council’s reputation by reassuring residents that we do actually care about them and their safety.


Margaret Simon
Cheshire East Councillor for Wistaston Ward

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