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The big day is approaching and all the small details must now be sorted out.

However, one that sometimes gets overlooked is how to make the right entrance.

Or, if it is thought about, it is typically going to be in a limo.

To really show off the personality of you as a couple, why not make it something to remember?

That is, the entrance can be made in a car that will be something different and make an impression on the guests.

Of course, pictures of the car will leave a lot of memories when you look through your photo album years later.

There are a lot of options so we will go over several types of cars that would make an ideal wedding entrance.

1 – Luxury coupe

To show off your refined tastes as a couple, there is no better way to go than with the best coupes on the market.

Pulling up to the reception in a Jaguar F-Type coupe would create quite the buzz.

Many people would be impressed with your sense of elegant and updated style.

These two-seaters are as intimate as they are stylish.

They provoke an impression that you have money, but the taste to match.

It is a good way to inaugurate a life together that hopefully brings as much in the way of riches as good health.

2 – The classic car

This is the most popular car in which you can arrive at your wedding.

These cars are elegant and provide an excellent accessory that matches very well with the bride’s dress.

There is something timeless about these old machines that bring back a vision of older and more simple times with a lot of panache.

When these cars are decorated with flowers, the picture is complete.

It’s not every day that people actually get to ride in one of these classic cars so it will be an event to remember for years afterward.

3 – Old VW campervan

Are your sensibilities more hippy than yuppy?

Then an old decorated campervan will show off your flower power in a big way.

There is no mistaking what a VW bus says about the newlyweds so if this fits your style, there really is no better choice for your arrival.

As a bonus, there is plenty of room to fit many of the bridesmaids and ushers.

4 – London taxi

The ubiquitous London black taxi cab can be a nice way to arrive at a wedding.

It is just quirky enough without being over the top.

It can also provide a bit of humour to the occasion if you decorate it correctly and even hire an old timey driver to drop you off.

5 – Classic Vespa

There is something undeniably cool and hip about those classic curves of an old Italian Vespa.

Arriving on the saddle of one will certainly make an impression.

The feel of wind through your hair as you pull up to the church will be a sensation to remember forever.

And the photos are sure to never disappoint as the two wheeler is as timeless as they come.

(Pixabay image free licence)

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